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Ron Joseph


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Ronald Peter Joseph, 55, passed away suddenly in the company of his loving family on December 22, 2005.

Ron was the youngest child of Mildred (Jones)and the late George Joseph.

Ron is also survived by his loving partner Janet (Gallivan), sister Charlene (Larry), brother Wayne, only son Ronnie (Kelly)his treasured grandchildren, Chelsie and Morgan and his special friend, Rene White, who was like a son.

Ron was a well known local musician. He was a drummer for over 30 years, playing with several local bands, including Spyder and Integration. He most recently sang and played guitar with his own band, Encore. Ron played his final gig on December 17 in Inverness, a tribute to his close friend, the late Rannie MacLellan.

A celebration of Ron's life will take place at Holy Redeemer Church on Saturday, December 24 at 10:00 am with Reverend Errol MacDonald officiating. Burial will take place in Resurrection Cemetery.

My beloved Ron suffered a massive coronary on the stairs of our home on Thursday morning. He was on his way to the cancer centre to have radiation for a newly diagnosed pelvic tumour. He had had fluid removed from his abdomen and right lung on Tuesday. He had spent most of the previous weekend at the emergency department because of testing that had to be completed to rule out a blod clot. He was released on Saturday the 17th so that he could travel 2 hours to do the 3rd annual tribute for his friend. His bandmates took great care of him, they set up a chair for him, had bottles of spring water at his finger tips, strapped his guitar on enabling him to sing two one hour sets. He was really fatigued but he did do it. On Sunday, the 18th a group of our friends came to decorate the Christmas tree that Ron had picked out earlier in the week. He enjoyed that evening. He loved Christmas and was so looking forward to it. I was looking forward to it too, for his sake, even though I was spending my first Christmas without mom and dad. I lost them on August 25 and November 7 respectively. On Thursday morning he had his breakfast and pre-radiation Zofran and got dressed to go. He did note that he was having a slight pain in the chest. Within ten minutes he was having difficulty getting his breath and we called an ambulance. He was coherent and did talk to me but by the time the ambulance arrived (5 minutes) he was not responding. He was pronounced dead in the ambulance just minutes from our home.

I cannot describe the emptiness I feel. My brother and sister in law talked me into coming to their home (5 hours from Sydney) so we left on Christmas day and I'm now in Halifax for a few days. My boss will be packing the Christmas decorations away while I'm gone so that I don't have to face it when I return. My friends and family are super supportive and are doing everything in their power to help me in this time of shock and sorrow.

Ron lived for 21 months since diagnosis. He had a good many months of quality time. I am grateful for that. I'm happy that Ron (for his sake) was taken quickly. There was beautiful celebration of his life. At the time of the committal the Priest asked the choir to sing Silent Night, Holy Night instead of doing farewell prayers. He asked all of the congregation to join in and most did. It was so fitting.

For all of you who offered kind words and encouragement and gave us quite a few "chuckles", THANK YOU.

Don't Stop Fighting. Don't Stop Playing.


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Prayers, hugs, and then more prayers and hugs for you, dear lady! What a time these past few months have been for you :cry: . My mind just cannot wrap around the loss of your Mother, Father, and now your Ron.

My heartfelt condolences and MUCH sympathy, Janet. You will remain in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping you can find some solace.


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Hi Janet,

My deepest condonences goes out to you and your family. Losing Ron is unbearable.

I am really amazed that on the 17 he did that tribute to his friend who passed and he left on the 22nd. What a brave man he was!

I am so sorry. I pray time will heal your tears.

We are always here for you. Please let family and friends comfort you through this.

I am also so sorry that both your parents have gone so recently. You have had too many tradgedys in your young life. I am so sorry...This is so hard for you. You must feel so alone. But you are not, your love love ones are watching over you and love you so much. I am sure Ron had a lot of company waiting to help with the transition into heaven.

Ron has done so much in his life and has brought joy to others through his music. He is a good soul!

Peace be with you Janet,


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