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Im new here and thought I'd share my very lengthy story. My dad developed a cough which at the time seemed harmless. A few weeks prior my mom had a cough and she had to take two different antibiotics to get rid of it. Automatically we tied my dads cough to my moms prior cough. Okay, anyway my dad had some medicines prescribed, but to no avail...so the doctor ordered a chest x-ray. A few days later he called with some news...dad stopped by seemingly unworried he came home stating that a suspicious mass was on his lower right lung. I automatically begin researching lung masses and worrying. My dad however still wasn't worried. He had an appointment with a pulmonologist in a couple of weeks and seemed satisfied it would turn up nothing. Oddly enough during our little wait my cousin called from out-of-state and said my uncle just had an upper right lobectomy and was still in the hospital. It was a sudden find for him and no one got around to calling befor his surgery. My dad talked with my uncle and it was like he new something wasn't right with his x-ray...maybe it made him think of how his symptoms matched my uncle's. After, my dad spoke with him he begin to sit and stare while he was laying on the couch. Speeding up a bit... his lung doctor ordered more test. After those tests were finished he referred my dad to a surgeon because the PET scan showed three places digested the contrast, but were inconclusive on what it was...this was due to tumors only digesting partially and they didn't light up like normal tumors. The surgeon appointment rolled around and he wanted to operate the following week and did. My dad had his right lower lobe removed and 14 lymph nodes which later turned up positive as well. My dad begin carboplatin/taxol 1x weekly and 5x weekly radiation and will be finishing this cycle in 12 days. When this cycle is over we'll find out his progress. I intend for it to show nothing new and shrinking of original nodes. Well, sorry it took a long story to get it out.

My dad is really starting to show signs of his therapy. He's slowed way down,eating less,losing weight,losing hair and laying around a lot. The one thing that's really wearing him is his coughing. The oncologist has prescribed two different medicines, but neither have worked. Oh, the other thing is really getting to him is pain in his trachea due to radiation directly to that area. He started boost radiation treatments Friday and it's really getting to him this week. Unfortuately, he has 8 more boost treatments left for this cycle to be completed. I just hope he can have enough relief before having another cycle.

Thanks for listening...Beth

OH, sorry one last thing. I think my dad is predisposed to cancer...his mom died LC, brother LC survivor and his baby brother died at 6yrs. from luekemia(spelling?).

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Hi Beth;

Welcome to this group. I have never had radiation treatment but have had 2 surgeries and chemo. Others may be able to share their experiences with soreness of throat caused by radiation and what they did to treat it. It sounds like the doctors are being agressive in treatment. Hopefully, when he is through with radiation and chemo, the cancer will be gone. It is hard to do radiation and chemo at the same time, but others here have done it. Others also may be able to tell you how their coughing was managed.

For myself, I had a problem with coughing after my second surgery. I would go into spasms. It was very unpleasant. I tried various things, but nothing worked until I took oxycontin I think, to suppress the cough. I took it for about a month and evetually the cough stopped. I suppose taking codeine for a cough supressant may not be a good idea if you are having chemo. I was not having chemo at the time.

So, I hope the treatment nails your dad's cancer and I hope he gets through the treatment ok. I layed around a lot too when I was doing chemo. I also kept on walking, a mile a day. I figured if I can get my walking in, then I can go lay about. I think your dad has a good chance of beating the cancer the first time around. Encourage him to stay with it.

Tell him to browse the site. I am 61 years old and feel good now.

Don M

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I am so sorry that your father has to go through this. My radiologist gave me a liquid mixture that contained mylanta and something else for numbing. The other thing he told me to do was to drink lots and lots of water. Hoping the best for you.

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HI Beth.

the treatment plan that your dad had and the one I had are very similar. I had a very sore swallowing tube and a cough that was persistent. The cough for me was radiation pneumonitis. The pulm should check this. As the pneumonitis gets ahold, more lung surface is irreversibly damaged. They treat it with sometimes antibiotics and commomer prednisone or another kind of steroid.

Concerning the esophagus, as soon as the radiation ends, fortunately, the esoshagus will heal rather quickly. Until that time, I found room temperature food to go down easily. Food that wasn't dry. Some have good luck with pop scicles.(not me) experiment around. Mushy corn flakes went down nicely. Occasionally things got stuck halfway down, so small bites.

Good luck. and welcome.

Cindi o'h

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Hi Beth and welcome. I started with chemo and daily radiation. Lots of Boost! Your Dad needs good nutrition to help his body tolerate all the treatment. Please keep us posted on how he is doing. Donna G

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hi Beth! welcome, though I am so sorry you have to be here. what a rollar coaster this is, huh? I can't give you too much practical advice because my mother has never had radiation or chemo, but you'll get lots of support and answers here.

there are a number of people here from families ravaged by cancer. my only hope is that there's something in there that the researchers will eventually pinpoint, and use to find a cure!

again, welcome.



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Hi Beth,

Sorry you need us, but glad you found us.

My husband Alan had a tough time swallowing with his

radiation treatments also. Dr. gave him "magic" mouthwash that numbs the area, be careful not to

eat or drink anything too Hot after using it though.

Alan lived on very soft food for awhile and nothing cold. lots of pudding, mashpotatoes, scrambled eggs ect. soup could be too hot so we would let that sit awhile.

Hope some of this hepls, many hugs and prayers to you and your family

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Hi Beth,

Sorry you had to find us. Your dad has to be patient and keep a positive attitude. He will get through this. Many patients here have been through what you dad is going through. Time will heal him.

Just keep being there for him with a smile on your face. Hang in there, it will improve once he is done with this treatments.

Neasuea, and weight loss is normal. There is medication to help with the neasuea and there are people on here who could give suggestions with helping him to eat better.

Milk shakes, boost, smoothies with crused ice etc. He has to get fluids into him, that is important. One person here said the Kook Aid worked for her. Another, does small meals maybe 5 times a day instead of 3 big meals. There are different things he can try.

I know it is so hard to see what you dad is going through. It is so hard to see the rock of the family being so vunerable. He will get stronger, give it some time.


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Hi Beth, my brother had the same problem and the Docs gave him Percocet to take 1 hour before meals..He did very well with the pills and was able to eat..He also drank Prosure 3 times a day with ice cream and heavy cream..he made a shake and he kept his strength up with that...Prayers for your dad and family..


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