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VP-16/Etopiside pills and shoulder pain issue


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Will be starting VP-16 pills this weekend. Please let me know if you used the pill form, how it was, did it help and side effects. 3 weeks on, 1 week off schedule.

I am finishing pelvic radiation this week. Belly feels better. Shoulder now a problem. MRI of shoulder is inconclusive for mets. Bone scan Thursday. Getting tired of being in pain for one reason or another. Its been 7 months of this pain crap. First back met, then pelvic met now shoulder pain.

Any shoulder feedback? Can't sleep. MRI showed rotator cuff tendonitis and 2 hot spots as possible mets.

Thanks so much and sorry I have been so quiet. Pelvic radiation and holiday's really knocked the crap out of me.


Happy Holiday's,

Love Jen

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(((((((JEN)))))) Darn girl, that's enough of that bullsh*t... :shock:

It's time for you to be out of pain already. This is too long. I hope all is okay with your shoulder.

I wish I could help you in some way, but I always include you in my meditation prayers.

I hope they can get your pain under control.

Keep us posted.


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Well hell if all else fails try Pat and Brian's Advil Gel caps. Don't know if you saw that post but he was in terrible pain and the narcotics were not working and what did the trick was the OTC gel caps of all things. I am glad you posted Jen, I was thinking of you over the holidays and wondering how you were.

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I too have recently become a fan of the gel caps. I have had an abcess tooth for a bit now and no relief, even taking narcotics, but the pharmacist told me to take gel caps (no other kind) and wow immediate relief. I guess the gel gets in your system quicker. You can take up to 4 over the counter,every 4 hours, but he said if it was that bad i coud take 6. 4 was fine. Its the ibuprofin in them as it helps swelling and inflamation where tylenol does not have that. Hope you feel better.


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I agree. Enough with the pain. Keeping you in my prayers. Hope they find a solution soon.

As for feeling badly about posting...gee girl, you have been through the ringer. You deserved a break from the board. Take care of yourself and let us know WHEN you can.


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Glad I could share the Advil caps. I was on Levequin and my Primary said to take them for pain. Even though it says take 1 every 4 to 6 hours, doc said take 2 every 4 hours and it really works. It's amazing, some docs want to give harsh pain meds and some use the OTC meds... My Primary is an awesome doc.

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I agree Jen I think its your turn to catch a break here! I have 2 sisters who have had rotator cuff troubles, so I know how painful that is. Wish I had some great advice but I don't. They both had to have surgery for it. I agree with the others try the gel caps, they really help my daughter.

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