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Joanie's 27-Dec Update


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Joanie is a pain in the *ss... that's how I can tell she is getting much better. ;) She keeps insisting that she can go home NOW! She is still somewhat confused & groggy from two weeks of an induced coma, which the doctor says is fairly common. However, she thinks she is being clever about plotting her great escape from the hospital. First, she tricked a nurse into calling me at home early this morning. When the nurse hands her the phone, she tells me to get there right away & bring her clothes. (I hear the nurse yelling in the background that it isn't true and that Joanie tricked her.) She later tells Dr. S that Dr. B says it's OK for her to go home. She then tells Dr. B the same thing about Dr. S. When Dr. M starts telling her about the therapy plan for the next few days, she tells him that she will do the stuff at home since Drs. S & B say she can leave. She stopped nagging around mid-afternoon and her nurse said maybe she finally realizes that she really isn't ready to leave. I just smiled. The nurse doesn't know her like I do. When I kissed her as I was leaving tonight, she said "Don't forget my coat & pants in the morning."

Medically, she is doing much better. The final drainage tube is out as are the catheter and most of the IV lines. They replaced the oxygen mask that she has used since Sunday with a small oxygen tube that sits under her nose & causes her no discomfort. She is on solid food and ate a good part of a cheeseburger that the docs let me "smuggle" in after she just picked at the hospital food. They had her up out of bed for about an hour sitting in a chair. She started breathing exercises today to strengthen her damaged lung and tomorrow she starts physical therapy to start building strength in muscles that she hasn't used in over 2 weeks. Still of concern to the doctors is her heart rate which occasionally becomes irregular and very high with no discernable physical cause. She is still in ICU with a bunch more healing to go but, if all goes well, she could be released sometime next week.


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Thank you for the update and the laugh.

Joanie will keep them extra busy with her

plans for escape, at least they know what

she is trying to do and will watch her every move.

Prayers still going for her to get home when she is

medically ready.



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Hi Brian,

Well, Joanie certainly is on her road to recovery! I hate to be you tomorrow when you show up without her coat and things. :shock:

I am really glad that she is doing well and starting therapy. Hopefully you will get your Joanie back home next week. Everything crossed here to make that happen.

Thank you so much for keeping us udated Brian, she is certainly a lucky lady to have you at her side.

Take care, you must be so relieved that she is getting stronger and stronger each day.

I do pray for her heart rate to stabletize.


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this is so great to hear. she's spunky, for certain!! if I didn't think we'd all get in trouble, I'd repel down the side of the hospital and spring her myself! :lol:

Brian, once she's out of the ICU, please let me know if I can visit. I'd love to be the LCSC emissary.

also, guys, if you want me to bring Joanie anything, let me know. you can either send it to me, or I'll pick it up for you and you can pay me back (no shipping).

Brian, give her a big kiss from all of us!!!



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Today brought more good news. Joanie has been moved from intensive care to the "respiratory stepdown unit". She will still be closely monitored there -- three patients & one nurse per room -- but the focus will be on helping her to regain her strength rather than life support. Respiratory therapy will continue and physical therapy has begun. The only downside to the move is a relatively minor one: Visiting hours are greatly reduced and enforced, unlike ICU where I could pretty much be there at will.

BTW, flowers & such are still not permitted but should be when she is moved to a regular room sometime next week. Thanks again for everyone's continuing prayers and good wishes. I printed & started reading the messages to Joanie but she got teary-eyed & stopped me after a while. She was truly touched by the outpouring of support, as I am.

...Brian, once she's out of the ICU, please let me know if I can visit. I'd love to be the LCSC emissary...

Thanks for your kind offer, Amie. I'm sure she would love to see you. I will let you know when she goes to a regular room.


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Brain, with all your troubles you still found the time to update all of us..You are a very SPECIAL person, and for that we all say Thank You!! I know it had to be very tough for a while, and you held it together for all of us and dear Joanie..

God will send her home again and the hew year will be a healthy one..

Thank you..Thank you..Thank you...

Donna :wink:

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Joanie, may not be able to receive flowers, but she can receive cards.

Please give us the address of the hospital and the room she will be in. I would love to send her out a card.

So glad for the news.

The only thing with me is I will be away from the 3rd to the 9th but I may have computer access not sure. So she may not get mine as I have a feeling she will be home soon. But others could send cards.

If it is in the next couple of days, I can't see why I could not send it.

Let us know.



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