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proof of a visit I think


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Hello everyone. I am home tonight and finally doen't have any cooking or baking to do. I will have no more overnights until next Monday so hopefully I can catch up with everyone here.

I have something that I just have to tell all of you. Our recent discussions about Heaven and the afterlife have been good but we seem to always be looking for something that is proof of what we feel and think. I think I may have had an experience that goes a long way to proving that our loved ones are near and do visit us.

Last month while facing the aniversary of Johnny's death I was really needing something to keep me from getting too far down. The unusuall experiences that I have come to expect did increase but still I questioned. Now something has happened that seems impossible to explain away.

I had a very real dream during that time last month. It only lasted for a minute but it was so real that I felt that Johnny had come to give me a message. I dreamed that he was standing over a baby crib looking at a baby and he said "I just love looking at her". I woke up saying someone is pregnant and is going to have a little girl. I thought it would be one of Johnny's daughters in law or his son's girlfreind because it felt like a baby we would share in some way. Sense he had told me that he would share his grandchildren with me because mine were so far away I immediately thought of his kids.

I sent an email to his daughter in law asking who is pregnant. The answer was "no one" so I thought that I might be wrong. Then about 2 weeks ago I had another dream where I heard myself saying "that is the baby that Johnny was talking about". I still had no idea who the baby was for when I woke up. So I let it go and waited to hear that someone is expecting.

I went to my sister in laws for the Christmas weekend. My niece Jacci was there and both of her kids. Her daughter in law has not been able to carry a baby to term. She had a miscarriage and last year she had a son who was born 4 months early and lived only 6 weeks. Her daughter has also had trouble getting pregnant.

When I met Johnny years ago Jacci was a little girl. She fell in love with Johnny and said that she was going to marry him someday. After years of seperation when he and I were finally together again Jacci and her husband came to see us. Johnny still thought of her as a little girl even after seeing her a woman nearly 50 years old. He too still loved her like one of his children.

Now let me tell you what happened Christmas eve! Jacci and I and her daughter were talking when I learned that her daughter suspects that she may be pregnant! It hit me just like in my second dream. I said "oh sh-- that's the baby Johnny was talking about". I also learned that her daughter in law is definately pregnant again. So Jacci thinks that it means that this time the pregancy will go full term. I do hope that is true but I believe my dream was about her daughter. I think that she is pregnant and will have a little girl. A child that would be connected to both myself and Johnny because of our love for my niece :!:

So do you think I am reaching on this one or do you believe that Johnny came to tell me that my niece is going to finally be a grandmother? Not only would that be a good message for her but it shows me that he does know and come to me when I have those very real dreams. He would know how much I need that during those bad aniversary days.

So anyway that is my latest experience. I would like to know what all of you think about it. Lillian

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Hi Lillian, I do believe Johnny came to you and shared the news..When I was having my daughter 20 years ago, my father died 2 years earlier..I had a very real dream that my father said "paint the room pink" I was so excited, because the dream was so real..needless to say, my father did come to me and I did have a little girl..These things are very real..It is said that when a dream is very vivid, that was a visit not a dream..If the dream is hard to remember, than it is usually a dream..I am so happy for you, I hope my brother comes to visit me..

God Bless You, and thanks for sharing that story..It gives us all hope!!

Donna :wink:

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