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Clinical Trial Updaate - It's over


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Had a horrible week last week after second cycle of Paricalcitol and Gemcitabine. Called Clinical Trial Administrator and ONDOC Thursday for help in managing side effects. Doc put me back on Decadron and Zorfam that got me through Christmas, but wasn't doing the job. Acid reflux and nausea bad Mon and Today. Doc called today and pulled the plug on the Clinical Trail. She thought we were losing ground faster than gaining, Scheduled a CT Scan in three weeks to see where we are. She wants to look again after this poison gets out of the system. Hope it clears out soon so we can get back to the fight.

I really had some weird side effects that I hadn't heard of or experienced before. Had terrible night mares almost to the point of being delirious. Woke up twice sleepwalking, once outside. Didn't take long to wake me up from that one at 10 degrees and me in Jammies. Funny now but not at the time.

Feeling pretty good now. Can't keep much down but the Ensure and Ice Cream is keeping me going. Hope all is well with all of you. Been keeping up as much as possible. Praying for Brian, Mike and Addie and all the rest. Keep you advised. God Bless.


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Didn't take long to wake me up from that one at 10 degrees and me in Jammies.

(Bet the neighbors are glad you sleep in jammies and not nekid!)

Guess it truly was a "trial" for you, sorry to hear of the ill effects. Nightmares are horrible side effects!

Good luck in future endeavors!


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PHOOEY!!! Hopefully, now that you're out of it, the side effects will start to go away fast and you'll at least feel much better.

Thank you for all you endured to be part of that trial, Charlie. Something important was learned for somebody somewhere thanks to you. Who knows? Maybe somewhere down the line you WILL benefit from this research. I sure hope so.

Sending caring thoughts and strength,


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Oh Charlie,

I am so sorry this didn't work out the way you and all of us had hoped. Sounds like the onc will come up with something in the next few weeks. The CT results will be interesting to see, huh? Can't wait for that.

Soon you should be back to eating and feeling even better. In the meantime, I will be thinking of you and praying for that magic bullet.



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