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dad and plerual effusions


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He had a bout a pint and a half drained off yesterday and he is breathing easier. His CT scan showed even more shrinkage. He had only one abraxane treatmetn and the insurence company now says they won;t cover it since it is off-label. We're going to try to appeal. It is only approved for metastatic breast cancer.

So now it is carbo/gemzar. I hope he tolerates it well. We want so much.

Needless to say we want it NOW. For everyone suffering from cancer, healing must happen. I intend to advocate for my dad.

Sad news, While here in Houston my husband's 74 y.o. uncle passed away. I was his caregiver also. He went septic and couldn't rally. I am happy his suffering is over.

Much love and peace to all on this message board.

I am using a compputer at a public library as I am forcing my 17 year old nephew (adopted by my dad, Lee) to write his research paper. Although I pushed for writing it on Lung Cancer, he chose another topic. So here I am at the library. Trapped until he gets to rough draft. We'll get through this. Happily I am surrounded by some very sweet young Mormon men who are tapping eargerly at the keyboards around me. Maybe I should ask them to watch over young Josh while I slip over to the oncology lab and visit with the oncologist. I wonder if they will help?

Much love,


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Well, except for the stupid insurance copany, that sounds like some improvements for your dad. Good news! Yeah, appeal. I did and I got their rejection overturned by the State of California. Usually the drug manufacturer has a staff of people whose job it is to help with the appeal process. I'd check with their website.

Makes me sick that the companies do anything to add to the strain and worry involved in rying to take care of a life! Money makes the world go arond, unfortunately. But, they can be overturned.

Get the Mormons to watch the nephew and take a walk for a few minutes.


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Hello Eppie,

You sound as if you are having a good trip

with the news of shrinkage for your father.

You could try with the company making

Abraxane to make a trial for treatment of

lung cancer and get your father in it.

You should make well with your appeal.

Have a good 2006 and enjoy your visit.

Hugs Jackie

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Blood clot. He had SOB and his O2 level upon entry to the emergency room was 70%. He's feeling better now with the heparin shots and on oxygen. He's staying overnight. It was quite a scare.

The good news was that I got the speak to everybody's favorite sweetie here: Don Wood on the phone. He's just as sweet sounding on the phone as his posts. even spoke to Lucie!

Much love to everyone here and we'll keep you all in our prayers.


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