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My mom has had a cold so....


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my Dad and I finally told her after one week that she needed to be seen even if it is just a cold. She doesn't want them thinking she is a hypocondriac. So she went this morning and they did chest x-ray and all was fine. Which is nice to know they saw nothing no pneumonia, no mass, nothing! :D So she has had a CT scan 4 months ago, Brain MRI about 2 months ago, a chest x-ray today and everything is fine.


I am asking for prayers that the bone scan the doctor ordered for tomorrow will come back clean and she really will not have to go back for four months.

Thank you for all the support and comfort you all provide and I pray so hard every day for a cure of this darn disease. May you all be blessed and the New Year bring nothing but great health and happiness to all.


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All sounds very good to me :lol: ! I do understand that one more GOOD scan - the bone scan - will make it a grand slam. So many prayers are being said for that! I feel like your Mom does - that docs will think I am some sort of nut case bringing all kinds of things to their attention. However, too much caution is better than too little, wouldn't you say?

And BTW....how are things with YOU???? Update please :P !

Love to you and Mother,


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