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Hi I am New Here

Guest Teri

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My mother was dx in June, she has gone through a series of tests within the last 8 months, poor woman. I am not doing well with this only because she is in FL and I am in PA. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters and they are spread out in different states so it's been tough on us all not being there for her and my father. I recieved a phone call this morning from my Church saying they will pray for her and for me as well. It was so nice hearing from the nun before I went to work. I am really happy that I found this board! Teri

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Hello Teri! I don't know if "welcome" is the right thing to say, since we seem to come together under less than desirable circumstances. My mom lives in Omaha and I live in Las Vegas, so I understand the distance thing. And she's been through "health hell" for the last 8 months also, then they finally diagnosed her with Stage IV NSCLC in June. I just got back from Omaha; I'm doing the every two week commute thing it seems. I take a lot of comfort from the people here and have gotten a lot of good information, so I'm glad you found this place, too.

Best wishes and prayers to your family and your mom.


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Guest TeriPA

Thank you all for replies and wonderful support, it's greatly appreciated!

Mom(FL) was told she had lung cancer back in May/June. She has a tumor on her left lung the size of a golf ball. The Oncologist said they don't want to do surgery because her lungs are not in good shape. Starting today, She is going to have Radiation everyday, M-F for 7 weeks and then Chemo once or twice a week. She sounded very good today over the phone. We have a wonderful relationship, and I am praying these treatments will help her to get better.

I will be here to support all of you as much as I can. Hugs, Teri

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I know your mom and dad understand fully that you want to be with them but presently cannot because of the distance. I am sure your father is going to be a great caregiver and will keep you informed on her progress. Treatments are sometimes very hard on one's body but after they are over, the healing process starts and hopefully, she will be fine. Just keep the telephone company in business with lots of long distance calls.

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