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"Sandoster" had written a beautiful post about her partner having birthday cake with Jesus this year...That is something that I think will carry me every Christmas and December 29th for as long as I live. I found her post very comforting.

Today would have been my dad's 67th birthday. Hope he's having lots of cake and I hope he knows how missed he is.

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I thought that post was beautiful also. Never thought about those we love actually celebrating Jesus's birthday with him!!! Quite comforting. I am sure you Dad is enjoying his birthday today and I am sure one of those stars in the sky tonight is the light from his birthday candle... Make a wish on it... Love, Sharon

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Happy Birthday Jesse!!!

I hope your eating lots of cake in heaven and I hope your birthday in heaven is just as beautiful for you, as I like to imagine it.

Your Katie sure does miss her wonderful daddy. :( She's so proud to be your daughter. I know your just as proud of her as she is of you. :wink: Happy Birthday Jesse !!

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I hope your day was filled with wonderful

happy memories of your father. It is

hard to keep a happy face on our

fathers birthday after they are gone.

I'm sure your father had a beautiful

day and I have no doubt he knows how

much he is loved and missed. My bet is

that he was much closer to you today

than you realized, looking over you

and smiling and feeling your love.


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