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Looking at the finish line.

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Guest hppeful2

Well, I finished my 5th round of chemo today and hopefully have only 1 more round to go. They are going to scan me on 3/31 so my fingers are crossed. Also talking brain radiation at low dose for 2 weeks if everything checks out. My oncology radiologist has pretty well convinced me this is the way to go. He said there are actually only 2 studies out there, but if you look at them the outstanding side effect is short-term memory loss. But most of the people in the study were much older than me and there was no pre-radiation comparsion to check. I think I will do it. Anybody have any other ideas??

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Dear Hopeful -

Go to the list of topics under SCLC and pull up the one titled:

"Proproytic Cranial Irradication"

You'll find several peoples input on this matter.........and differing opinions.

I also just finished my chemo, and plan to start the brain radiation in April.

Best of luck,


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Dear Hopefuls,

My mom had PCI when she finished her chemo and radiation. She did very well with it. She didn't suffer any of the short term memory loss other than sometimes we will be talking about a movie star or someone, and she can't say their name (but it is on the tip of her tongue!). I even do that! Your doctor probably told you that the PCI will make you very tired. My mom was completely worn out and slept all day long during and for quite a while after she had her PCI too. She just reached her year mark from the day she was dx, and so far she is still doing great (praying that it will last a long, long time!)!

Hope this helps. Good luck to you! :)

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Hopeful, when Dad started Chemo and we were doing research I had read up on PCI (Profolactic Craneal Irradation). From what I read, the side effects regarding memory or thought processes are pretty minimal. I remember reading that the biggest change would be in a person's ablilty to solve complicated mathmatical problems in their head (say they have a job working with numbers-an engineer, or accountant, ets). But that the average person would find the side effects are "barely noticible". Not bad. Good luck with it. I think that there is something to be said for being aggressive about treatment. Keep us posted on the 3/31 scan, sending positive thoughts your way.

Besides, I figure that there are the usual memory problems for everyone, no matter the age. Yesterday I wanted to get my 2 year olds attention-and I whistled and said "Hey, Farley"-No, Farley is NOT my daughters name, it is my dogs name. :oops: It wouldn't have been so bad if we weren't at my older daughters dance school. I could feel the big "L" on my forehead. :oops::oops:

As I see it, as we get older, we have more and more things to remember. So sometimes you gotta let the "trivial" stuff (ie. a movie stars name) go-even though it can drive you crazy-to make room for the more important stuff, like, say, your own KIDS NAMES! :lol:

Take care, and best wishes, Deb

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That is too funny cracks me up!! :lol::lol::lol: My father has been here all week and he has been calling my new boyfriend my ex-husbands name! Yikes!!....Ah might I say "awkward"... Mom looked at him and said to him "Honey does your brain function before you speak?" :lol::lol::lol: Cracked me up!! :lol::lol::lol:


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