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Our wishes, hope and dreams for 2006...


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I thought it would be nice to see what everyone wanted for 2006..

Cures for the many diseases all over the world..

Peace in the world..

Poor people would have jobs, homes and money..

The hungry would have all the food they need..

No more heart aches or pain..

People would realize there is a GOD and all we have to do is ask HIM for comfort!!

Ok, maybe I am wishing for too much for 2006..

I forgot a cherry red Corvette!! :wink:

A very happy & healthy 2006 to all..


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All nice wishes for the new year.

I'd add: That each and every day, each and every human being in the whole world experience at least 15 minutes of love and well-being and a sense of value.

And I want the doctors to make discover the way to keep this disease chronic successfully.

2006, do right by us!


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