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my way of thinking...


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driving through my neighborhood and looking at certain Christmas decorations, It hit me how the majority of us feel.

Were all like those new decorations that you plug in and the fan inside them blows them up and keeps them blown up until you unplug them. Like a snowman, a Santa Claus, a polar bear, those new snow globe like things with the fake snow flying around in them.

we are all deflated because of what Cancer has taken or may take from us. We are all each others electricity and were here to keep the others who need it more than we do at this time "filled with air" in a way.

so if any of you are feeling like your wilting, falling over, slumping to one side or just plain blown over. Tell me you need me to filly you up and hold you up again and I will be there for you.

You all held me up for almost 2 years straight. My resolution this year is to live as if my parents are standing on either side of me and guiding my way. (as long as they don't come into the bathroom with me)

I have been deflated so long and watching all my neighbors blow these silly decorations up every night for weeks now has clicked with me that I need to help blow others up now and maybe that will also at the same time "hold" me up too.

so, come one, who needs my electricity????

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Shelly :lol: ,

You sound so much more upbeat than our PM's a while ago. It is wonderful to 'hear' the lilt in your 'voice'!!!!

DH and I can use some of that electricity....so BRING IT ON!!!!! We DO appreciate it :D .

Hoping your New Year brings more peace, resolution, and joy.

Many (((HUGS))),


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Welcome back, Shellie.

I remember a Fay A. story of a while ago about two old ladies who went out together, neither of them walking very well. The ladies walked shoulder to shoulder and young Fay's mother told her they were holding each other up...

If we all lean strategically, even if we are all faltering, no one will fall.

Love to you, Shellie,


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Awww, this is such a sweet thread, started by one of the biggest hearted people on the forum. It has really inflated me today -- can I ask somebody to let just a little air back out? I'm floating above my house and can almost touch the roof with my toes, but can't quite get back down -- and it's raining out here. At least I'll be clean. :lol::lol:

Love you Shelley - you're so strong, girl!

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