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Mets to arm bones?


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Just wondering if anyone knows if this is a possibility. My mother has been complaining of bad pain to her upper arm area. She says it hurts from her shoulders to her elbows.

Since she is in hospice now, there will be no testing to see what is causing this.

This is a fairly sudden symptom. If this were from arthritis wouldn't the pain have come on gradually?

Thanks for any help.


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I have pain like that. I HOPE it's not mets. I was dx with stenosis of the cervical spine. My pain is in the back of my neck, across my shoulders, and down each arm to the elbows. My left is worse, and it is thought perhaps I have a frayed rotator cuff as well.

At any rate, your Mom's symptoms sound just like mine. Mine were not sudden, but since August they have intensified that they really give me lots of discomfort.

Motrin helps somewhat.

Hoping for the best.


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I'm sorry to hear your mother is having pain. It's very important to let Hospice know so they can stay on top of her pain.

Try not to worry yourself over if this is spread to the bone or not. I understand your concern, but being she is on hospice her comfort is what's most important.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mother.

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My husband has been experiencing pain in the chest/underarm for some time, taking Tylenol which relieves it somewhat... they gave him percocet which is stronger but he actually seems to get more relief from the Tylenol... they did say awhile ago that pressure on nerves could cause pain, so I am really interested in your experience with "Midol"! I've just forwarded that suggestion to him... thanks!!


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My initial diagnosis was after treating pain in my right shoulder to elbow - initially identified as rotator cuff injury. But it was actually bone mets. I had my clavicle radiated and now only experience pain when I try to move the arm too far back.

Make aure your mothers care givers understand she has pain - that can be handled.

All the best to you and your mother.


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