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Getting to know you *ANN*- December 30


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I think we ALL know who is absent without a hall pass....

In honor of Ann's tradition, AND as punishment for her NOT getting a hall pass (vacation or not), here's today's question:

Where do YOU think Ann is?

Make it up, totally wild story, complete with flying saucers and little green men or the Bermuda Triangle Florida style or any other fictional fun thing you can think of... Where, oh where, could our Ann be??

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Let's see!!!

Where oh Where is Ann?

Ann is at an English Bar and Bistro dancing on the table and singing Karaoke to the song Elvira. She is having a grand time. The owner is going name the bar after her. It will be called "Ann of the Green Table".


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Okay I think Ann went to sleep Christmas eve and the ghost of Christmas To Come kidnapped her and is taking her on a wild ride around the world letting her meet all of the handsome men out there and pick out what she wants for Christmas next year. Maybe a cruise or a trip to the moon! Or maybe she wants a year with no huricanes :!: Then again maybe she is hoping for a big party where all of the crazy and not so crazy people on this board can finally meet face to face.

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I think.......Ann is with a wonderful MAN! Yep! Not Dennis. Dennis has sent this wonderful man to be a helpmate to Ann. A helpmate to help Ann move on to the next phase of her life. She is eating, drinking, and getting ready to celebrate the New Year!

Ann, I sure hope this is true. Happy New Year, dear friend!



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Where oh where is Ann?

I think she was abducted by a black market potpourri making group. She's been tossed into the back of a Martha Stewart Living van and dragged to a large warehouse full of scents and pine cones and pieces of coconut husk and set to paint and guild them bit by bit.

She finally broke free, her fingers of varying colors of Christmas and smelling like a Pine air freshener for the car and headed to safety...

...and was picked up by a band of Hells Angels on their way to the Santa Ride, teddy bears in tow. I saw her on the news, behind a 300 pound biker on a Harley, goes by the name of Tiny...

...and she was OFF again!

On the radar screen showing Santa's progress, I saw her pulling Rudolf's collar and heading him in the right direction - his light went out over Seattle...

She was seen in Alaska, ice fishing with the Inuits and wrapped warmly in a hand-beaded parka with the sunshine muff, a very pretty picture she made!

Off by sea plane, she's heading back to the lower 48, through Boulder, Colorado, extreme-skiing with the best of 'em!

She's now in a luxurious spa, healing a broken leg (lucky it wasn't her neck!) and having the splinters massaged out of her fingers from the potpourri stint. They've brought in a dentist to get the bugs out of her teeth from her ride with the bikers...

...and when she gets back, the pool boy guarantees me she'll be a new woman!

(Sorry, wasn't too imaginative, I have a full tummy and am ready for bed... 8) )

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The start of this thread cracked me up.

No, no, no. You guys have it all wrong.

I've received word, armed with the LCSC cookbook, Ann is headed off to a filming with the Naked Chef. She'll be making silly putty and demonstrating how parts can be elongated and enhanced with this simple recipe. Watch for her, Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM!

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She's at the Rose Bowl decorating floats for New Year's day. Her new found gentleman friend is riding on her coat tails and loving her and feeling happy that he met her. Uh oh, he's down on his knee with a microphone in one hand and a bling bling in the other...

Have fun you two. We miss you and your posts...

"Happy New Year"

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I know exactly what Ann is doing.

She is standing in front of Elvis mansion selling Dennis's special 25 year old recipe(which she shared with us) of Kahula, coffee, vanilla beans and of course and most important- 1 quart of Vodka :shock::D

She made a batch and calls it "Annie Roos Elixter". Cures anything from ingrown toe nails to the bird flu... She even has it in decaf.

She's making a ton of money out there and some very happy people, who do nothing but party :mrgreen: now. Annie is right there in the middle of things. :wink::wink::wink: Everybody is doing a line dance with Annie leading the line...hot...hot...hot...

Hope you are having fun!!! Miss you...

Maryanne :wink:

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I like the Carribean and Cabana boys idea. She is sitting on the beach sipping an umbrella drink after having a jacuzzi bath, manicure, pedicure, hairdo, and fabulous NEW YEAR'S breakfast--omelette, crepes, passion fruit, etc., etc. She is listening to a sexy guy play the steel drums and is soaking up some sun. She has plans to go sailing, snorkeling, and fishing. Not wild, but wonderful!

Ann: Can't wait to hear of your vacation when you return.

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Thanks to all of you for missing me. Although all of your stories were great, I must say nothing nearly this exciting was happening to me. I had a week off from work (wonderful) but ended up fighting a cold/bug/flu/virus and spending mosst of the week in bed. I am so sorry I didn't ask Ry for a pass. Can you please forgive me? I still feel yucky but am back to work today! So sorry to read all of the bad things that have been happening to our family here at LCSC.

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i got one, i got one,

even though your back ann here is where you really were.

She has been whisked away by the secret service. She has been taken to the double dog dare you secret room at the white house because our president has been stuck tounge first, to a frozen flag pole for quite some time now and Ann is running the country.

The first official act she signed was to make drinking Grey Goose Vodka and low calorie cranberry juice a federal law. unless your under the age of 8 where as you must drink just the grey goose vodka and skip the juice.

she has then ordered all american cows to produce only chocolate milk so when the farmers milk them they secretely process the milk with kahula and instant mudslides are produced in mass quantities.

she has then ordered all junk food manufacturers to take our all calories and fat from brownies, potato chips, chees dips, chocolate cake, tootsie rolls, ding dongs and cheeseburgers. Eating such foods will now produce a reduction of weight and mass eating of these foods is hereby encouraged.

furthermore she has ordered reversal of the natural order of things by scientists and people will no longer age or get wrinkles.

Bread and pasta will now be the only foods that one must consume daily in order to be able to awaken at the now decent hour of noon and the official work week starts wednesday at 3 and ends at 4. pm that is. all other days are now considered weekend days.

also taxes no longer have to be paid by anyone, ever again

we can't hide your secret life anymore ann. I am sorry but the truth must be told.

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