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Update on Jeffrey

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Dear all, Lordy, Lordy I know it's been a long time since I poseted but I follow and follow and keep up. Thanks to all for private mesages. Anyway, currently Jeffrey is undergoing daily IMRT radiation and weekly chemo to be followed by Cyberknife. All of this is to remove the original host lung tumor. As far as we know there are no more tumors in his body. In the meantime he is stating to get "muddled" again. He is having trouble forming words and is generally a little off. He is still going to work every day and taking his radiation (IMRT) in the afternoon. On Wednesdays he has his Carboplatin dose. We are having his brain scanned early on Monday to see if he has new brain tumors or is experiencing "chemo brain". He has been on chemotherapy for a full year now without a break so anything is possible. I am anxious about the scan but if he does have new tumors we will have them Gamma Knifed out ASAP. Other than that he is doing really well for a guy that had 1-3 months to live a year ago. Happy New Day to all...sorry, but I'm still for taking it ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Trish in Miami

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