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New Year


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I don't know if any of you felt like this, but I don't want 2005 to end. Although it was by far the worst year of my life, it was also the year that I was able to spend more time with Donna than any other as I took a lot of time off from work to be with her through her treatments and her bad days. It was also the last calendar year of Donna being on Earth. I don't want to start a new year without her in it. I know of course that I can't stop it, but I dread it so much. Spring was Donna's favorite time of year and she started planning her gardens in January/February and although we live in Maine, she would be out there the first warm days in March trying to access the soil to get her flower beds ready. I dread the arrival of spring. I do plan, though, to do my best to plant some gardens in her honor. My sister gave me a garden stone with a memory poem that she wants me to use in what we call the "Angel Garden" that we are planning. Donna loved sunflowers and I am planning to turn our large vegetable garden into a sunflower patch. All varieties. The funny thing is that I don't care for sunflowers, myself, but because she loved them so I can't wait to create this garden for her. I miss her so much.

Thanks for listening - you are all so wonderful and I thank God for lchelp.org - it has gotten me through many days when I didn't know if I would make it.

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We live in a world that is marked by time, from the day we are conceived till the day we depart to

a world where eternity rule.

Our time is not their time, we have past, present and future, while they only have now.

For them we are still and will always be the same

no ageing because they are in infinite time.

No date where they are so we can live in 2006 and still be in the same time period they are.

Have a good year 2006 as each year you have is less

than a second for them so enjoy all you did together

and keep living and you wont be alone the loved one you lost is right beside you.

Happy Year 2006 for both of you.



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I know what you mean about 2005 leaving..I too am saddened to think that Mark will not be here in 2006, but it also saddens me to think of him the way he was in 2005..Just think, since Mark was a NYC hairdresser he is probably doing Donna's hair, I know Jesus needs a little trim!! Donna is probably getting God's garden in order for eternity..My dad always said cry for the living as they are left behind with all the pain..The dead are finally at peace..I share your fellings and pain, hopefully their love will give us strength to go on till the day we meet again..May Our Lord Bless and comfort you in 2006 and all who share our pain..For our dear friends still batteling this MONSTER, I ask God for a cure and hope for all of them..

Happy New Year to you and all our dear friends and family here at LCSC.. :wink:


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