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Another Update and Happy New Year*****


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First of all may we all truly have a Happy New Year. I would like to thank all of you for your thought's and prayer's and you guy's are what make's this such a site for hope and friend's to share the good and the bad with.

Now for the update, the Doctor ordered blood plateclet's for the wife so she got 2 unit's installed (sound's like time payment plan huh) he then had her do another CT and said if the liver was more invovled he was going to really hit her treatment's hard like they did 20 year's ago. Took wife to Doctor (Chiroprator) and after the first visit in which he took Xray's and we signed a release so he could get her pic's of her CT's and then did some therapy to help loosen her up and releave pain. Well yesterday she went back and all he did was accupunture and she was estatic when she came home as all her pain was gone and she was headache free for the first time in week's. So all my friend's here on the site it does indeed appear were going to have at least a Happy New Year's eve.....Larry

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