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Just an idea..


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:idea: I know that so many of us are interested in life after death and what happens in the afterlife..Wouldn't it be great if we could have a Priest,Minister,etc. to ask questions like ask the experts? I would love to ask so many questions about heaven and our loved ones..

It was just an idea for some feedback...


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Last year I was asking myself a lot of questions,

not about Heaven or where are our loved ones,

but about why was I still living when my husband was


Don Wood was writing about this book he had read with

Lucie''The Purpose Driven'' by Rick Warren.

The book did me a lot of good, it answered a lot of questions and perhaps it would help you.



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The "Purpose Driven Life" is a wonderful book. There are some various distributions that help with daily scripture reading and understanding certain aspects of God's word. They are "Open Windows" and "Our Daily Bread".



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Does LCSC need a chaplain?


I love the book suggestions.

I just read Jimmy Carter's latest book. THis has whet my appetite to read more. However lately I have been so absorbed by Lung Cancer I haven't beeen able to put my brain elsewhere.

Sometimes I feel like I need to speak to someone, too.

Last night I woke myself up out of a sleep. I was praying in my sleep.

Now that is something for an old heathen like me.

Lately I feel like I have been crying for weeks. It is like the tears are barely being held back.

Then I get mad. So mad i want to break things. Then my littel girl asks me to blowdry her hair or help her pick out the outfit she will wear tomorrow. The anger seeps away from my bones and into the frame of this old house... absorbed and tucked way.

The hoildays came and I feel like I just went through the motions. But somewhere deep inside of me the meaning of family and loving each other sustains me in a warmth that melts the chill of cancer.

It is a wave i am riding on a warm ocean. This cancer inside my dad.

That rogue wave that rises and threatens every ship on the surface...is out there. I am in a permanent state of preparation. Last week when his red blood cell count plummetted I could count the oyster shells on the sandy bottom. Today when he ate breakfast with a relish, and his lunch was devoured and his dinner was topped off with an ice cream/boost shake....that was clear sailing.

Today is one of those days when I throw my laughter at the fear and turn my back to the wind.

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what's amazing about this place, Donna, is that we kind of act as chaplains for each other. I am not a christian, and yet friends of mine here who are have expanded and deepened my relationship with god in ways I can't quite describe. in fact, I don't identify spiritually with any organized religion - and this has become sacred ground for me. I come here and remember what hope, faith, unconditional love and grace look like. I know my own heart better, for learning about others' hearts as they walk through their deepest, darkest struggles.

so all those books sounds great. read them. find a clergy you identify with to talk to. then come here, and tell us your heart's questions. we may not be able to 'answer' them for you, I'm not sure anyone can, but we can, in turn, show you OUR hearts' answers and maybe you'll see yourself in there.

does this make any sense?



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