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Having a Hard Time

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I'm having a hard time today being thankful for another year. At this point I am just dreading 2006. So many possible bad things to come--Charlie's cancer, my mother is having a rough time with COPD and the associated SOB (hospitalized for 2 days--got her home on Christmas Day afternoon), and my dad is a very fragile diabetic and has a lung disease (MAC). My mom will have to have oxygen 24/7 now. They are a 9 hour drive away. Charlie is still coughing a lot, too.

Just feeling sorry for myself today. Hope tomorrow will be a better day. Thanks for listening.

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Tina, crummy that you have such stinky stuff to think about as you head into the next year. If it helps, try to squeeze in a thought about the times you are going to enjoy with Charlie this year and hearing your parents' voices, even if by phone.

If that doesn't help, grab a cookie and a magazine and veg in front of the TV for some Tina time. You deserve some refueling time.

Please grab this big hug from me,


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Tina, you are allowed to have a bad day, we all understand. Eat some comfort food, put on your most comfy jammies, then go to bed early. Tomorrow will look better.

We are all here for you.

P.S. Maybe a little smile. Everytime I see your sign on name I think it is Tammy Wynette.

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I'm so sorry, Tina, and I understand. 2005 was that way for me.

But even the worst of years hold golden moments - 2005 was the year I had my gallbladder out in emergency surgery, the year I didn't run at all, the year I started therapy due to depression, the year our business got sued, the year my aunt was diagnosed with sclc, the year my mom got brain mets, and the year my mom died...but it was the year I found out I really do have a big brother, like I always wanted. What a huge gift, what great memories of his 2 trips and reunion with my mom, his birth mother for whom he had searched for 4 years!

No matter how many tears you shed this year, there will be many pearls you keep. Search them out and save them. Take photos, make a family tree, learn the quirky stories of your family. Think of this year as a gift, the year you know you must get all you can into your relationships with your loved ones. So many people are taken by surprise and lose those stories, those "last chance" moments.

And if you're wrong, and everyone in your family enjoys a joyous entry into 2007, think of all the quality time you'll have spent with them :D .

I hope you are happily surprised by the coming year.

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Tina -

You have every reason to have a crappy day - throw a major pity party...and then tomorrow will be better. Give yourself permission to feel like s**t! I am doing that for myself tonight, and I am hopeful that I will feel somewhat better tomorrow.

Thinking of you,


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This is the roughest time of year for anybody (except maybe little kids) emotionally, no matter else is going on. I don't think there's anyone out here who hasn't felt it a few times (at least.)

Be kind, kind, kind to yourself - spoil yourself a little. It helps.

Once we get out of the first 4 weeks after Christmas, a more normal life will kick in and we can all breath a sigh of relief and face whatever we have to face with new energy and hope.

Wish I could send you the biggest tub of the best ice cream you ever tasted! :D


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Hi Tina,

I hope you are feeling better today. Please do not think of the furture just think of today and you will get through it.

Just visit when you can and there is always the phone. Just hearing your voice will be enought to lift the spirits of your love ones up.

Sorry about the news of your mom and the oxygen.

Take care honey, we are always to help you get through those tough times.


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Thanks for all your caring words and prayers of support. I'm about the same...but did do some shopping this morning. Needed some new shoes. BTW, I'm starting on "healthier eating" and walking tomorrow. Hoping that will help me feel better. Take care. You'll are so precious to me. I hate the cancer! Nobody deserves to go through all that we have to. Praying for a cure for us all.

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