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Tribute for Cancer Patients, Thier Families & Caregivers


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Hello everyone,

Some of you may not know me but, I post on the SCLC forum. This site has provided a great deal of comfort to me. My Mother was just diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer in November. Her diagnosis has devastated my family. I have run through every emotion in the book, in a very short time. Even though her prognosis is bleak, I have not given up & never will. New treatments become available all the time & I have put my trust in God. I decided that I could do something about my grief & channel it into a project that will make a difference.

I did a tribute website with a flash presentation for the Victims of hurricane Katrina (www.katrinatribute.info ). The site has received millions of hits, from all over the world & still continues to grow. The Flash presentation has helped raised thousands (if not millions) of dollars in relief aid, touched many lives & been a source of healing. It has been used at Fundraisers, Concerts, Church Gatherings & Medical Conventions. I don't think it's a mistake that the success of the site & tribute happened just before my Mom diagnosis. I looked at it as a sign that I could do even more & I had an opportunity to make a difference in millions of lives.

I am currently working on the same type of tribute for Cancer Patients, their families & caregivers. It's going to include those who are no longer with us & survivors, of all types of Cancer. I'm doing it in hopes of raising awareness, money for research, compassion & care for all. I never accept any money for my work & I wouldn't have it any other way. I always provide information to reputable charities where donations can be made.

I need more pictures for the tribute. If you are interested in helping with this very special project, please send any information & photographs you wish to be added here: ENLTich1104@aol.com .

Many blessings to you all,


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