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Getting to know you January one - in Ann's absence


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At first I thought my main resolution would just be to work less and have more time for family and friends. That is still my goal but something else just as important has become appearant to me.

I plan to start keeping my journal again. I may not be able to do it daily but I really feel the need for it. I lived so many years where I kept all of my feelings buried inside. I never shared my hurts or disappointments with anyone. Then with Johnny we shared everything. Not only did he want me to share my feelings with him but he understood what I was feeling and why. Once that door was opened it was like a Pandora's box. I have to let those feelings out somehow. Once I tell someone what I am feeling or write it down I can move past it and get on with my daily life. Sometimes those feelings last for days and some times for just a few minutes.

I have advised others to keep a journal so now I will heed my own advice. I can say what I want in my journal without worrying about burdoning others with my thoughts only to realize that once I put them into words I am past the worst part. I have told so many people that everyone grieves differently and it is allowed. I think it is time I take my own advice in more ways than one. So keeping a journal again even if I can't do it daily will be a good outlet and help me to move on to the next phase of my journey.

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1) Send birthday cards to everyone in the family this year...maybe even on time.

2) Write a short letter to my DH's grandmother each week. She's lonely. I have him call every Sunday, but a letter during the week might be nice too. She might turn me in for stalking...you just never know!

3) Clip coupons, or otherwise cut back on the household budget. I'll call it a resolution: it's more a reality.

4) Live a more healthy lifestyle. If I happen to lose 10 pounds in the process, it's a bonus.

:) Kelly

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To get my life back.

Alan's Cancer caused my to alter the way I lived

my life. I gave up everything to care for Alan. (and I would do it again in a heart beat)

So in many ways I let the cancer get the best of me.

I am going back to enjoying my life with Alan the

way we used to. One day at a time.

That means back to working out again. My first

triathlon is April 2nd!!!!! :roll:

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Get serious again about exercise,

I haven't done it in awhile and

I'm feeling too lazy.

Give my grandmother more time, she's

94 years old and was in the hospital

this week for the first time in her life.

It scared the heck out of me.

Like lilyjohn, I used to keep a journal,

I could always write my true feelings

in it and it did help me feel better

to write.

I quit when I tried to

use the computer to journal, just

wasn't the same. I guess I need to

write it down with pen & paper the old

fashioned way.


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