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Connie B


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Hi everyone! I am a good friend of Connie's and she ask me to post for her. As you probably know Connie had a CT Scan on 8/8 well her results came back not so favorable yesterday, she has a tumor in her right upper lung and a questionable area around the atrium. She is having a PET Scan as I type this and an Ecko Cardiogram after that. I know how we all love Connie and she is such a great support to all of us. Please keep Connie and her family in your thoughts and prayers as she heads down this ugly road again. :cry: She is keeping the very positive attitude she has and is optimistic that this will treated aggresively. She has great doctors and she is a fighter! :D

Hugs and Prayers Connie!


2 yr survivor NSCLC-large cell

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:( Hi Rhonda,

Please tell Connie, who is my role model, that I am sending good thoughts

and prayers her way. She has come so far and she will pull it off again.

She's a fighter and tell her she has a lot of toe tapping music left in her.

God Bless,


______________________________________________________________Age 61 dx 12/01 Adenocarcinoma nStage 11B, 1/02 had right lung removed., no follow up necessary. 4/02 spread to lymph nodes,

had 6 Taxol/Carboplatin treatments. Beginning 5/15/02 ending 8/28/02.

July/03 diagnosed 2 brain mets. One surgically removed, gamma knife

to the other and now 15 whole head brain radiation. Stage 1V NSCLC

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THANK YOU RHONDA, Sweetie, for helping me out here.

Well, I'm sorry things aren't looking to great for me. Not to sound total doom and gloom, let me see if I can explain this simple.

I have a tumor in the left atrium of my heart, they are 85% sure it is what they call a Myoma Tumor. It is INSIDE the left atrium. I SAW IT!! WOW! :roll: It's the size of a marble. I also have the dreaded nodule on my right lung that was there back in April and my Lung Doc wanted to keep an eye on it to see if it grows, hense why I went for my CT/PET scan Aug. 8th. Well, things have been hoping and poping around here sense yesterday. I also had a complete body PET scan today. Will know more on that tomorrow. I go for a TEE scan of my heart tomorrow as well. That will give them a better idea to to this tumor in my heart, or what ever it is??!! :evil::evil:

SOOOOOO.... My Doc said, the good news is if this turns out to be what he is hoping for, then both these problems can be removed and treated. The bad news is, I am a One lunger NOW and doing heart surgery and or lung surgery could be a high risk situation. BUT, he said, he would know more and have a game plan by this THURSDAY!!

So, that's all I know at this point, but if I don't let you all know what is going on, I will ask my friends Rhonda or Donna to let you know.

I LOVE YOU ALL VERY VERY MUCH! I THANK YOU ALLLLLLL VERY VERY MUCH FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT! I won't lie to you, I am scared on this heart thing. What NEXT??? I'm going to give this my all, and I am going to put my party hat on tomorrow and walk in for my TEE test and hope for the best! I have the BEST DOCTOR'S! My Lung Doctor's nurse (whom I just Love as well,) sent me flowers today! HOW sweet is that???

I'm going to count my blessings, and just hope and pray that God gives me at least ONE MORE YEAR, so I can take my Granddaughter to Disney World when she turns 5 next July 1, like I promised her. I got a LOT of fighting to do! I can do it!! Or we may have to go to Disney World a little early! :?:) Here's a good one for you, I had my CT scan on Friday and my 51st birthday on Saturday, then all hell broke loose yesterday!! WOW!

But, I made it to 51!!! HOORAY FOR ME!!!!

Thank you all again!

Warm and Gentle Hugs to ALL!!!!

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Dear Connie so sorry for this latest set-back----however, with your positive attitude, -I am sure you will have one year and many more years so you can take your granchildren's children to Disney!!!!

heres hoping for good results for your scan

regards Eileen

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Connie, You are in my prayers. After reading your post I remembered a proverb that I'd once read "kites fly highest against the wind". The wind may be kicking up for you right now, but you've got two important things in your favor that will help you soar up, over, and through this thing-great doctors and a great attitude (not to mention your family here, all praying and rooting for you)-so you have three, oh, and your family and that trip to Disney that you're taking your granddaughter on, so thats four, five, and your husband, six...actually, you have ALOT going for you...EVERYTHING, and we are here for you. We love you, Connie. Deb

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This news , I am sure is shocking and difficult. It is for us all. However, you are still my inspiration! You are a proven fighter and leader!. Put on the war paint and lets whip this thing together! We are here for you as you have been for us!

Prayers for remission and recovery.


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:D Hi Connie,

Love you're wonderful positive attitude. I'm praying for you that all

will be alright. You are not leaving us. You are the senior survivor and

that is the way it is going to stay. I almost fell off my computer chair

when I read about you. With two brain surgeries, I thought am I seeing

this clearly. I'm 10 years older than you with one lung, if I can make

it so can you. You have a lot of toe tapping music left in you and I know

you will pass it on to your grandchildren. I'll be looking for your posts.

God didn't keep you hear for 8 years for nothing, he still has his plan

for you. When you feel a little blue, put some polkas on.

God Bless You,



Ag 61 dx 12/01 Adenocarcinoma NSCLC, 1/02 right lung removed,

no follow up treatment. 4/02 spread to lymph nodes- restaged 1V

6 chemo treatments, Taxol/Carboplatin beginning 5/15/02 ending

8/28/02. July 03 2 mets to brain, one surgically removed, otheer

Gamma knife followed by 15 whole head radiation.

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