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Thank you all


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I just wanted to say thank you to all of you brave and courageos people that have helped me and answered my questions throughout my MOM- Pat Martin- fight. The Monday before Christmas, 2 weeks ago, she had another seizure. She was suppose to start her new cloratezine trial the next day. After the seizure the DR did a CAT SCAN and found that it had spread throughout her brain. They did not think she would make it out of the ER that morning. She was given 2 days tops to live. She continued to fight just like I knew she would. She got to come home on Dec. 23 under Hospice Care. Her birthday was Dec24 and she had her best day of alertness. She got to spend Christmas with us the next day as well. This morning, January 2 she decided it was time to really go home and she left us for a better place. Again thank you all for your support. I am sorry I could not help some of you with your questions like others on this board. All I can say is for all of you to please continue to fight this disease. You guys/gals are the bravest people I know. Keep fighting. You have been there so much for me, I wish there was more I could give back. I love you all and will continue to pray for you. Just in return, I ask you to never give up. My mom was given 2 hours- 2 days tops. She made it 2 weeks and although very sad it was a great 2 weeks for me and my family. I am sorry the post is so long. I just wanted to let you know. Thank you again and mAy God be with you all.


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Troy, YOur mom kicked *ss and that is something to be very proud of....I will treasure the story of your holidays and her phenomenal attitude about death always.

I want to go the same way...surrounded by love and the ones I love. Thank you for generously sharing this story.

Much love and healing to you and your family,


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I am so sorry you have lost your Mom. I am glad you had such a wonderful 2 weeks with her and she was able to enjoy her last birthday and Christmas with all of you. She is in Heaven now , happy, painfree and without cancer!

God Bless you all,


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Troy... I am so very sorry to read of your loss. I am, however, glad to know you were able to spend some quality time with your mom near the end. Please remember that your mom will always live in your heart!

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