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Have to vent, I am saddened


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Hi friends,

I am just so upset with all the recent tradgeys. I actully took a valium which has been a real long time since I took one So now I am kinda whoose out and have not incentive to pack to go away tomorrow.

I just have to get this off my chest and my heart really is broken. As there is so much hope out there and miracles that happen, at the same time I can't help but feel completely devestated over all the recent events that has saddend me ao. I know I am not alone.

Beth- Bills passing- FIL, now MIL

Pat- our dear Brian passing

Carleen- her beloved Keith fighting for his life.

Jcawork (Jen) all she is going through.

Holly- her mom

Tina, with DH Charlie and now her mom

Momsbabygirl(Lori)- her mom and issues with her SF and Brother

Donna, Joseppie, her brother Mark and Joseppie best freind

Sue- DH Mike (glad he is doing better)

Nancy C- DH, then her brother

Katie- Brother

Fay, evething she has and went through and still has that fighting sprit. (amen)

Trish- DH

Stephi, her DH and mom

Eppie- her dad

Amie- mom

Andrea- mom

Addie- what can I say about Addie-

Our Connie, who has gone through so much, now has to have an operation on Wednesday for get her heart back in shape.

Cindi- all her SOB issues.

Leslie- going through WBR

Kasey- her back and other issues.

Some members who shared things with me, which I can't devulge... you know who you are.

My appologies to the countless others who are going through their own h*ll. I know I missed many people here. These are just members I recall from the top of my head, just negative things from the last month or so. This Xmas season was sad for many of our members. :cry:

And to our members who are still fighting their own battles and those who lost their spouces, their moms, dads,family members and friends, my meditation prayers are sent to all of you.

G-d knows there were so many others from this past last year alone, 2005 who are gone, but never forgotten, I cannot even going to begin to name them all.

As much as I love this board, I am relieved that I am going away for a week. This will help me regroup my feelings and concentrate on living things, like my new baby great niece. I need this right now.

Had to vent here...

See you when I get back.

I am just saddened because I got to know these people like family, and it hurts.To all our newcomers. Please do not be discourage because of all these tradgedys in the last month, as there are so many more that have beaten the odds and doing great. Keep that positive Addietude.... Never, never, give up.

I hate this Fu^%$*# disease :evil::twisted:

May they find a cure in 2006..

Peace be with you all,

Oh Yes, good news here, our Joanie is on her way back!! (Go Joanie) Thank you G-d for not making this her time it was touch and go there for awhile.

Much love,

Maryanne :cry:

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I don't have much to say except that I hope that you would enjoy your vacation. Please do not worry too much and have a good time in Florida. (I am a bit woozy now so forgive me if I got that wrong)

Yes, we had many tragedies as of late, a sign that this beast is indeed unpredictable. :( As for worries of my own, dad made me sad today. He sat with me and my sisters (who are 16 and 10 y/o!) talked about the division of our family's property and what to do with our finances in the future. I know it's just precautionary but it still breaks my heart, I still feel that we are far too young to talk about this.

Absolutely praying with you for a cure this 2006!

Also praying for our dearest members Maryanne mentioned above too. I will write your names in my notebook so I won't forget during my prayer time.

Peace and God bless all of us.

Much Love,


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I know, it is hard to be happy this holiday season.

The strangest thing happened to me last week in Vegas. We saw the Scintas show at the Rio. It is a really funny show with some comedy, singing, etc. Well, I got depressed and reached for a xanax under the table so no one would see b/c Frankie Scinta did a tribute to his dad who passed and Chrissi Scinta did a song about what you would say to someone you lost.

I was thinking about everyone here, I was thinking about my mom, I was thinking about myself b/c I had more blood work done and I get nervous, and I was especially thinking about how hard this season is for my 3 special sisters who lost their dear mom.

I think I was the only person in the Universe sad aafter the show.

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Thank you for thinking of me. Today is a hard day for me...starting a new year without two people I love so much. I, like you, am very disgusted, and feel numb to the pain this disease continues to do to us. I am praying for everyone. I am trying to find some hope in the future. Right now, I am hearing one of my brothers is still in a state of despair over Ron's death, and my dad's health is not good at this point. All I can do is pray. God bless, Nancy C

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This is the season that grief can take over. Those who are on this board have had their fill of devastating news.

I hope that this new year can be the beginning of better news for all of us.

In the mean time we can vent all we need right here.

God bless.

Cindy and Roxy

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You have a nice vacation, and we will be thinking of you..We all will be fine here, we still have eachother till you return..Peace and comfort to all of us this coming year..Maybe a true miracle for 2006, a cure for this MONSTER!!!

Have a drink for me.. :wink:


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I feel your pain Maryanne. I think it is magnified even more so because it is the holiday season. A time when we all want to be with our families and shareing food and good times. I with you also pray for a cure. Please take care of yourself Maryanne and realize that although there is a lot of bad that happens, thankfully there is also a lot of good.


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Maryanne I could have written your post, I too have been feeling very depressed about all the bad news. It has overshadowed all the good news that was written at the same time.

I guess for my part I also feel somewhat guilty because I've made it this far and feel so healthy, I know that may sound stupid to some but I'm sure I'm not alone in this. The age old question.......why do some of us make it and others don't?

I hope you have a good time in Florida, enjoy the heat and the new baby smells and come back refreshed.

Take care


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