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Some News to Share.....


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I always have mixed emotions about sharing good news when so many of our members are experiencing so much pain. But...I thought my good news might bring a smile to some faces and bring some hope for others.

As some of you know, I have been seeing a really special person for quite some time now. After doing some really hard soul searching and talking a lot to God, I have decided to move on with life. I accepted a beautiful ring for Christmas said yes to a very sweet and special marriage proposal. This wonderful man knows that he will never replace my dear Dennis and the beautiful part is that he told me, and my sons, that he has no desire to try. He knows there are feelings that no one will ever be able to stir in my heart. But...he loves me and wants to share life with me.

I sincerely hope that I will remain welcomed here on this board. I am still (and always be) a part of this very special LCSC family. Lung Cancer changed my life forever. With God's help, I am going to try and go forward.

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Oh Miss Ann!!!!!!!!

First things first...............CONGRATULATIONS to you, your new hubby to be and your sons. I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have someone like you to share his life with. If you are happy WE are happy for you!!

Next, if you think that news like this is going to ever make us feel differently about you....then ya must be crazy. You are a huge part of this family here and as I've said before. It just wouldn't be the same without you.

So, tell us details! Do you know when you'll be marrying this wonderful man?

Can't wait to hear all about him and about your special day.

Thanks for sharing the news. I needed it, especially today.

Warm Hugs,


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Oh ANN!!!!!

I KNEW you had a secret! And it is a WONDERFUL one!

I am so over the top pleased for you, you know! It is wonderful news to start the New Year off! PLEASE don't even mention that you would not be here. This guy is so lucky to have you, BUT if he interferes with you posting, well.....I may not be responsible for my actions :roll: .

Please fill us in on all the details. Hey, pics of the ring AND this lucky man too! What do you say? I know, I can be pushy...so just ignore me :? .

Hope you know how happy Fred and I are for you. We totally understand the not replacing a spouse, you know? We understand and get it!



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Ann, like WOW girlfriend, I am so excited for you. They say that people that were happily married are the ones that want to get married again because they know how wonderful a happy marriage is.

As I think I have mentioned, I have ventured forth on this internet dating stuff. Now I am mostly using my delete finger, so I guess I am not 100% ready. But I would love to meet a saturday night date, if you know what I mean.

Ann, we wish everyone on this site health and happiness. And we are thrilled that you are having another chance.

Please stay with us, you were very missed when you disappeared without a hall pass.

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This is the best news ever. I'm so happy for you Ann, everyone deserves a second chance at life.

How wonderful to have met such a treasure that accepts your past and goes on.

Thank you for puting me a smile on my face today.

Details would be nice!!


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OK... a few details.

Richard (Dick to friends) is a super guy! He's 58 years young and is just a super person. He's retired from the newspaper business due to an injury that required a total knee replacement. He keeps himself very busy...never misses a day at the gym. He likes all your typical guy things....football, baseball, fishing, NASCAR (longtime Rusty Wallace fan) and such. But...listen up gals!!! He loves to cook and is does an excellent job of it. Actually his cooking puts mine to shame. He is always willing to do anything I want to do...even shopping. And...he calls me his princess!!!

My sons think he's great... and so do my dogs and cats! How can you be anything but right with those stamps of approval. No wedding date set as yet. I think we may elope...LOL

I just love all you guys so much!!! Now...anyone got a tissue. Not crying....just need to blow my nose from this nasty cold!!!!

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Such very, very cool news!

I think it is an amazing tribute that you have been able to go on with life. You are such a warm and caring person--I'm so glad you have someone to care for you as well! Nice that the kids like him, but the dogs? Now that just clinches the deal.

it was GREAT of you to share good news with us. It is our favorite kind of news!

Bless you!

:) Kelly

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I am so happy for you. This is really good to hear.

I know what you mean too about sharing this kind of news because Mike and I got engaged over the holidays too.... :D .

What can I say.....life does go on and I am very happy for you and for me.



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