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computer problems.

cindi o'h

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Ry...we all know Frank too well. I actually think he wanted to give the computer the beer and donuts!!! Oh heck....let the Geek Squad have some, too!

Cindi...hope you're hanging in here darlin'. We would be lost without you!!!! Just give that 'puter a boot in the *ss...or did you already try that?

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It did actually totally fry out last night.. I could hardly sleep and went to town early this morning. Geeks wanted $240 just to send it in to see what was wrong with it..

So I went down the street. The backlight was out on the monitor...it is a notebook, so it would have been about $800 to fix...

But, Matt, the nerd, fixed me up so that now I have a separate monitor and can use my laptop and it somehow all hooks together. See what you can do when push comes to shove? Matt's gonna be my new boyfriend. He wouldn't let me kiss him though. (I asked)

Party at the pub... come n' see the colors on this here new monitor!

love, Cindi o'h

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I'm there, Cindi! Glad you got all fixed up. Laptops are GREAT, BUT.....I had to get a whole new setup when there were problems with mine. Was told it would have been a vey little problem had it not been a laptop. Wish I had known before....lost LOTS of stuff that we can't get back.

Glad you have a new boyfriend :wink: !



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I gotta tell you.. one of my little friends from the board got a ling on a brand new Dell that someone had 8 extra of... long story (but I am sure they are hot 8) ) that she wants to send to me.. how 'bout that???

You all rock ..hard!

Now off to the pub with the gang and tonite it is ice cold bud lites!!! yummy!

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