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Jeff's scan

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Well , Jeff had his brain scan down at Gamma Knife today and it turns out he is only having some not unexpected brain swelling (from the Gammaknife in May) that is causing his confusion so they put him on steroids for a week and then we will see. I'm just so glad he doesn't have any new cancer...what a relief! The Radioncologist is going to do 10 more hits of IMRT to his lung and then a different Cyberknife doctor will remove the actual tumor if it is not too small to put a fiducial in. He now has 4 different specialists: Gamma Knife, Cyberknife, IMRT, and Chemotherapy...and me, the advocate who is trying to hold down a job while I try to get these guys to talk to each other and not through me. Really, I am grateful that we have all this high tech stuff and that it is working. Thanks to all for your kind thoughts and blessings as we trudge through this nastiness together.


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