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The Visit !!!


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This evening i was having a visit with our Pastor of our parish father Ted. I was telling him how bitter i was at time's over my wife's cancer and how unfair i thought it was that some one who gave birth to 9 children and was such a central figure in so many different people's live's should be suffering like this and of course the extremely high percentage she will not defeat this beast SCLC.

He very compassionately told me how difficult it was last year when he lost his brotherinlaw to cancer and how he was a very Christ like man. But he then told me that if she is taken this early that she has done all GOD needed of her and her purpose in life was fullfilled and GOD had her place all ready. He went on to remind me of how insignificant time in this world was to eternity with GOD. I just wanted to share this with all as i think in this very secular materialistic world we far to often forget that we all serve a purpose in this life and that is to serve our creator and to do his will or of course we can choose to not do his will but either way it is our choice.Can we all be saintly? well not very likely but we all can be a little more tolerant of other's and maybe say a thank you or smile at some one we normally would not, as who know's we may be entertaining angel's unaware....Have a happy and blessed New Year....Larry

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Alan also has SCLC mets to brain, reality is

the beast will at sometime win, but Alan has

such a strong faith he feels very comfortable that

his life is in God's hands. He has a peace about

him that helps calm me when I am having a tough

time dealing with the reality of all this.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences

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Larry...First of all let me tell you just how good it was to come back to the board and see your posts. We were all so very worried about you and no one had heard from you in a LONG time.

As for your post, it is so odd to read that today. I was just "talking" with our Kasey yesterday about something very much the same. A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about Dennis and our life together. It suddenly hit me that maybe Dennis was "my" guardian angel, sent from God to help me through all the hard times. He "rescued" me at a moment when I truly needed saving and he helped me to a point in life where the children were grown, through school and able to stand alone. I now truly believe I was his "assignment" from God.

Thanks so much for sharing this post with us. It helps confirm the thoughts I have already been having.

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Very cool, Larry.

You have a gifted pastor, it sounds like. Thanks for reminding us all of this. My dad dies at a young age, and I always thought he must have figured out his purpose, fulfilled it, and had been given his reward. I wasn't always thrilled that he was such an over-achiever, but I believe that is how it works.

Prayers for you!

:) Kelly

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Larry, I totally agree. This is how I cope with my mom being gone. She knew her "job",if you will, was done and it was time for her reward. I too can see this now and it does comfort me to know this. To my mom it has only been a second since she made it home and it helps also to know that because of this she doesn't miss me the way I miss her. But, I know she is with me. I feel, at times, like Jesus is on my left arm and Mom on my right just waiting for me to ask for there help.

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