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Connie B We Love You


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I have not been on the board posting for a few weeks but today I had to come back to let you know that I love you for being the terrific person you are, who always has wonderful feeling for everyone.

I have tears flowing down from my face down my neck and onto the key board and can't stop them for I know in my heart how shocked you are today. I feel like i am sitting with you at your home right this minute. Connie, you have been through this before, you had a great 8 years because of your pass fight and you will have many many more years. All you have to do now is get back in the ring, face the demon, and give him one hell of a punch with new treatments and knock him into hell......

God loves you Connie and all of us on this board do to........you are that twinkle one sees up in the sky at night when you post to each of us.

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I feel the same as Norme on this one. Connie, you are a fighter... Keep fighting.... We all care about you and this comes as a shock for all of us and a sad day as well. If you ever need to talk or just plain old gossip, just give me and the mrs a call..

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