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We now have 213 users and counting...wish we didn't have any...wish there was no such thing as lung cancer...but since this is our reality I am really glad we have this board and each other. So I am taking it upon myself to invite you guys that have never posted anything, to submit a post! Tell us about you ! This is a great place to be and I am thankful everyday to be a part of this. DaveG : Your post was dead-on--You're right about this place! I'm blowing a kiss to all of ya'll ((Smack)) I have the flu, hope ya'll don't get sick :wink:

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Katie, I feel the same way. This board is a HUGE comfort to me. (and who would have ever thought I would need any comforting after all these years).

I look forward to getting time on the computer to see if there is anyone out there that could use any advise or comforting themselves. This is indeed an awesome place to be; I too would like to hear from so many others who have yet to post a message - it doesn't need to be much, just a hello. (I am one of the moderators of this forum, and I'd like a little more action here) Waiting to hear from you,

David Piercy

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