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Just want to ask, has anyone here had these freakin nodules and had them go away on follow up..

Like they were from a upper respiratory infection or something.



This is really screwing with me. I can't sleep - work -and am becoming a hermit.

All i think is nodule nodule nodule.. is really pathetic i guess.

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Hi Sam,

I can sure sympathize, With a large family history of LC I am in the watch and wait and see mode with nodules in both lungs, upper and lower lobes. It is my understanding that if they are from some past infection they are like scar tissue and don't go away. I lived in AZ for several yrs and they think mine may be from valley fever. Which I guess is a viral infection in the southwest. My largest nodule is 8mm which they say is like a pen dot. When I first found out about this it scared the he-- outta me. But I've been going for ct's for 1 1/2 yrs and am stable so far. Still a little anxious. And now I have a growth in the back of my throat I am going to ent doc next Fri about. :roll: Anyway Sam you're not alone.

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I have a nodule in my left lung that was there when I had my first ct and pet scans. For some reason it lit up on my last pet scan just before I was to be scheduled for surgery on my right lung. I had to have a biopsy before my surgeon would go any further. Turned out to be scar tissue. Even though this nodule had shown up on my previous scans it had never lit up and the doctors were not concerned about it until it did. It's good to know now that I have had my surgery that it is scar tissue. I don't know if they would want to do a biopsy after surgery like they did before surgery. I did not have time to watch and wait.

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6mm is pretty small. So I think what your Dr suggested is pretty normal. They can detect a size change or no size change and then would go from there.

It is hard not to worry but remember it could be nothing. Also if it is something it could most likely be early stage and pretty curable

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Hey Sam ~

Good to hear from you...I'd been wondering how you had been doing.

Yeah, these nodules can "resolve" and disappear on subsequent CTs. This has not been my experience, however, it IS part of the reason why the "wait/watch" method is used. (maybe it should be called "wait & watch...yourself go crazy" :shock::shock:)

And yes, they can be from infection (the body encases the infectious agent in a "granuloma" or some such thing...) in which case it would be a scar, and would not generally disappear on subsequent scans.

My last scan in Nov. actually showed the development of NEW noncalcified nodules in the lower R lobe (the only lobe in my R lung left untouched) Docs say "too small for biopsy". The larger lobulated nodule in my L lower lobe has gone from 7mm x 10mm to 11mm, at its largest, in the last 6 mos...STILL they say they can't6 biopsy it.

They won't test me for VF anymore. I've tested neg. twice, so far. But I'm still not convinced that is not what I'm dealing with, as well. If it's not that, and it is LC - what are they *ickin around for (pardon my vernacular :oops: ) Why aren't they doing more than watch it slowly take over my lungs...lobe by lobe...

Yeah, I feel your frustration (and fear). Keep pushing for answers, but try not to let it take over your life. It may be a LONG time before we get a solid answer, and we don't want to give up our life to worry like that, do we??? (I know...SO much easier said than done.)

Hang in there Sam, and if you still can't get a doc to test you for VF, try calling the VF Center for Excellence in Tucson, AZ. Dr. Gagliani heads up the research dept. there, and I believe he also has a list of referral docs available..? I'll try to PM you a number later.

Oh, and while I'm here - Hi Nikkala, fellow NW!! :D Good luck next week!

Best to all!


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