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MD Anderson Orlando Hosts First U.S. BrainLAB User Meeting

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on Advanced Precision Radiotherapy and IGRT

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WESTCHESTER, Ill., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Continuing the fight for better, non-invasive tumor treatments, more than 60 medical experts from 40 cancer centers in 23 states gathered at the first U.S. BrainLAB Radiotherapy user meeting. Held at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Orlando, the two-day conference entitled "Symposium on Advanced Precision Radiotherapy," featured 20 scientific presentations on treatments and procedures involving advanced BrainLAB stereotactic radiosurgery, radiotherapy and IGRT.

With accurate dose delivery being a key issue in radiotherapy today, BrainLAB image guided radiotherapy (IGRT) represents the latest breakthrough by enabling more accurate patient positioning for better treatment outcomes. IGRT allows precise delivery of prescribed doses to the tumor, while also reducing dosage to surrounding healthy tissue -- decreasing the risk of complications. Cancer centers benefit by being able to provide improved accuracy for greater efficiency in radiation therapy treatments.

Over the course of the conference, attendees met with clinical experts in their field, discussing the latest clinical outcomes and examining new technological innovations. In addition, specialists from MD Anderson presented their first results using BrainLAB IGRT technology called ExacTrac X-Ray 6D with Adaptive Gating, which allows for more accurate treatment for lung and liver tumors.

"Together with our clinical partners at MD Anderson, we have demonstrated that BrainLAB Image Guided Targeting allows clinicians to accurately see, quantify and compensate for lung tumor motion during treatment," said David James, Product Manager at BrainLAB. "With the help of the BrainLAB Adaptive Gating technology, clinicians are able to deliver the radiation treatment at a precisely defined point of the patient's breathing cycle for more effective tumor coverage."

Alan Forbes, M.D. Radiation Oncologist at MD Anderson added: "For the last ten months we have used Adaptive Gating with ExacTrac X-Ray 6D to treat patients with lung tumors. The Adaptive Gating technology reduces the area of the radiation treatment, which decreases the amount of lung tissue scarring and dose to critical structures. At the same time, the entire tumor target still receives the full dose of radiation. This allows me to implement more advanced treatment protocols which will lead to better patient care at our center."

The symposium also included a demonstration area, which provided attendees with a first-hand look at new BrainLAB innovations such as the new iPlan RT FiberTracking. With this new technology the visualization of functional areas and neuronal tracks brings an entirely new level of brain anatomy information to radiosurgery treatment planning. Attendees also had the opportunity to experience ExacTrac X-Ray 6D in clinical use at MD Anderson or the nearby MIMA Cancer Center in Melbourne.

More information about BrainLAB radiosurgery, radiotherapy and IGRT solutions can be found at http://radio.brainlab.com/

About BrainLAB

BrainLAB, a privately held company headquartered in Munich, Germany, was founded in 1989 and is specialized in the development, manufacture, and marketing of medical technology for radiosurgery / radiotherapy, orthopedics, neurosurgery, and ENT. Among the products developed by BrainLAB are software and hardware components for image-guided surgery and radiotherapy as well as integrated systems for stereotactic radiosurgery. With 1,990 systems installed in over 65 countries, BrainLAB is among the market leaders in image-guided medical technology. BrainLAB today employs 700 people worldwide and has 15 offices across Europe, Asia, North and South America.

For more information, visit BrainLAB at http://www.brainlab.com/

Website: http://www.brainlab.com/

Website: http://radio.brainlab.com/

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