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Bad news....tumor growth. Alimta next


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My mom got her results today. There as growth. They didnt get too specific with the size, all they said was that there was a small amount of growth but enough to know that the treatment she was on is not working.

She had finished chemo about 2 months ago and was taking a drug to inhibit growth. It was called Irbitux. It didnt work..or stopped working

The initial chemo had reduced the tumor in her lung by 80% and the nodes seemed to shrink down to normal ranges. We were really hopeful when they considered her stable at the end of that treatment

Today the dr told her she could get a second opinion if she'd like. She starts a new chemo treatment next week. SHe is devastated. I wish they could just cut that thing out!!! I will never understand why they dont or why they cant

Any encouraging remarks would be appreciated. Has anyone had luck with 2nd round treatments??

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Hi...Very sorry to hear about your mom. Never easy to get bad news. Tell your mom to stay positive and you to. Always hope! My first (see my profile) line of treatment failed completely, my second line of treatment I had good results but finally stopped because I was like a fruit-loop on it--did not know weather I was coming or going, my third line of treatment was very good but stopped working also, my forth line of treatment was having good results but that also stopped working, my fifth line of treatment I'm having very good results and still on it. And there are still other treatments (chemo) available to me if needed. Hope this helps. Prayers for the best.

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I'm sorry for these results. my mother's docs have always told us that surgery was only possible because the cancer was contained in her lung, that as soon as it starts to spread, surgery isn't worth it b/c it won't remove all the cancer.

hang in there, I know there are plenty of people here who's Plan B (or C or D or E...) did the trick.



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Thank you both for the supportive words

Dadstimeon...you are an inspiration. We know so little about this, so news of this sort really frightens us. We dont know the routine or the options etc. For my mom though....I know she is terrified by undergoing chemo again.

Bunny, thanks for the explination. I guess we were thinking/hoping that since the nodes appeared to shrink down and not grow that they were now cancer free and that the lung could be operated on. I guess thats not how it works though

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I am sorry to hear about your mom's setback. As you can see, many people have multiple regimens of chemo. One good thing is that your mom had such good reults on her first regimen. If I had to do chemo again, I would ask about using a combo that included avastin and a platinum based drug such as carboplatin. Your mom and you have my best wishes for another good result with her new treatment plan.

Just to elaborate on a little bit what Bunny said, once the cancer gets into the nodes, it has access to the lymphatic system and can go anywhere in the body. "The horse would be out of the barn" is what my surgeon told me.

Don M

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I came back from having lunch with my folks just a bit ago

Looks like she is starting Alimta next week. She is scared. She is also thinking about getting a 2nd opinion just to see if there are any other treatment options. She doesnt want to drive into the city though...so we will see if she goes thru with the 2nd opinion

I've been looking around for posts about Alimta. If anyone has anything to add though..please do. I know very little about the drug

My thoughts are with you all

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Alimta has helped alot of people with their illness. It has a pretty good reputation and is a fairly new drug.

Sometimes it doesn't work or the side effects can be harsh for certain individuals. Just wait and see how your mom does with it.

Or go for another opinion. Nothing wrong with that. It is good that we have Options! available to us.

I am a stage lllb and understand the futility of lung surgery. Fortunately, so far, it appears as if the treatment has worked for me (rad/chemo)..I am 3 years and 2 months out from dx.

Hang in there. You are doing a good job for your mom.

Cindi o'h

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