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Addie update


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Pat hope you don't mind but I thought I'd start a new thread so that everyone would know the answer.

I just got off the phone with Paul, Addie was having a nap so he filled me in.

She's holding her own, a little less energy than before but still has a positive addietude and has not given up the fight.

Hospice came in today for the first time and she smells much sweeter after her bath!!

Lets keep the prayers and good vibes going her way, she's ornery enough to make it through this bump too.

Take care everyone


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Hang in there Addie!!! We all love you and are sending lots of positive energy, thoughts and prayers your way! Oh...lots of Addie-Hugs, too!


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thank you Geri..

I love that you smell better, Lib... I do too after a good coffee scrub in the morning.. thanks to Lynne H...

Oh honey, you would not believe this Minnesota winter here... snow that stays, but ice on the lakes aren't happening..!

saw a guy shooshing all by himself in the woods as I was coming home. All dressed in his nordic gear and getting ready for the winter Olympics.. Very cool.

That's about all the news from me today.

So glad that Paul is there for you. Hope you have some nice nurses.. They are the best! And hope you are getting lots of doggie slobber too!

love, Cindi o'h!

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