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Addie update


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Hi Addie...

Can't help but thinking of you every single day! (only good stuff, 'course).

Glad the Aussie gave this a good bumpety. Those girls are tops, aren't they?

Been busy at the pub. Food fights, you know? Then I got into winging some dings myself. Turned out to be a heckuva wingding. oy.

I am getting too old for that anymore. Hehehee.

You still have team Addie there for you, hun? They are terrific!

continued roots and toots to you, sweetie!


Cindi o'h

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Hi sweet Addie

I may have been away but you certainly have been on my mind. Just know that I send prayers to you each day for you to feel better and come back to us.

We miss you ADDIETUDE sooooooooooooo much. You shed so much light upon us here. Your a an angle here on earth.

Hope to see you soon.

Maryanne :wink:

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Oh yes Cindi, her home team and cyber team are still keeping after her :wink: in fact I spoke with her last night and interrupted her visit with the f-DIL. ( upon re-reading that last acronym I wonder which word you all will put in that starts with f :lol: )

Addie has daily visits from the nursing aides, well, weekday visits, and she keeps her mind busy with crosswords and does a bit of knitting too, she checks out all her favorite cyberplaces and reads email on the laptop...typing as you know is difficult for her...and TeamAddie has had to resort to the old fashioned kind of communication...the telephone :wink:

Her voice is strong and bright, she doesn't have much pain and should do more leg exercises, right Addie ?! and she holds onto a serious amount of Addietude...coming up in a couple of weeks is another scan, so I hope she'll post those results when she can.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, you are a wonderful, amazing group of people...

Addie's friend

Shelwyn :wink:

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