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Copy of e-mail that I just sent to her family/friend group e-mail list.

Hello everyone,

Just got another call from Maurie. Things are still going relatively good! Her pump is out, chest tubes are out (except one) and they may still try to get the ventilator out tonight. (that’s still up in the air)

She did open her eyes and nodded her head to Maurie and she nodded to indicate she was in a lot of pain. Maurie says she didn’t fight the ventilator (She had fought it the last surgery) and he said she was out of it.

He imagines that they will keep her heavily sedated tonight into tomorrow.

He will call me in the morning to let me know how things are going.

I’ll write all of you tomorrow!


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Hello everyone !

I am pleased to report that Maurie says Connie is doing better today. She’s talking and doing so much better than yesterday. (Yesterday was REALLY bad) but today is much better.

They may move her out of ICU later today or tomorrow!

I will write more when there’s more to tell!

Take care,


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Katie...thanks so much for keeping us posted on our Connie. I am so very glad to hear that she is doing better today! I am continuing to say lots of prayers for her recovery!

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