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Traditional Healing in Africa

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A British friend of mine tried mainstream treatments for his cancer but grew frustrated with western medicine and went to the African country of Benin, where a village elder performed a ritual spiritual cleanse, or something similar to what we think of as voodoo. What he did is not something that is advertised or targeted to cancer patients. He sought out the healer, not vice-versa.

He said he began to feel better almost immediately, and stayed there almost a year.

I mentioned this to late my sister-in-law as she was going through her battle with lymphoma and she said if she didn't have kids, she would jump on it. What do you think, would you be open to this type of traditional healing?

I realize there are skeptics out there - so know that I am not advertising, promoting, advising, suggesting or in any other way saying that this should be done. Also know that this post (and any other post I might make) is not intended to hurt, embarass, anger or otherwise threaten any cancer patient, present, past or in the future; any caregiver, clergy member, relative, medical attending, extended family, neighbor, mailman, garbage collector, dental hygienist, gardener, mechanic or other person employed currently in the past or in the future, of the reader.

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Did you mean to ask if Non-traditional healing would be considered? Or do I misunderstand and is voodoo considered traditional healing in Africa? I'm just not sure how to respond to your polled question.


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Okay, I didn't realize that was considered "traditional healing". To answer your poll, although I no longer see it as a poll question...I would be willing to try anything. A disclaimer to this opinion of mine is that clearly I'm saying this after the loss of my husband because I'd do anything to get him back...anything. But if someone had approached us in October and suggested a trip to Africa for this type of therapy I would have probably not considered it an option. Fearing that the travel could expose him to something that may make him more sick than he already was. I guess I'm not as open minded as I'd like to think.

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If I had the money and the knowledge there is nowhere I would not take my Mom to try to make her well. Now, getting her to go is an entire differnt thing. She does not veer very far off course when it comes to things like this, a herbal anything is like voodoo to her. I on the other hand, want to try every new thing they find. I do think though it would be scary, scary place to be, so that might make me not go there.

I do think though that money prevents many from getting the help they would like wether its traditional or not.


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