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"Cancer Anxiety" - xray follow up


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As I reported last week, my husband was having blood in his nasal mucus that resolved quickly with use of a humidifier. He had his follow-up appt re: his x-ray appt today. Turns out that they saw "patchy infiltration" in his upper rt. lobe. Doc seems to think it is "mild pneumonia that will resolve on its own - but with his history, wants a 2nd xray to verify that it resolved." The xray report also said it could be from "calcification of a rib"???

We are blessed to have such an involved GP, but I still worry (all the time!) ANy opinions?

Thanks (as always) to the kind support.

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My opinion is 'don't borrow trouble'. And yes you are right, nothing I can say will stop you from worrying. But be glad that you have such a thorough dr. So it would seem that on the absolute minute chance lc could also happen to your DH, you have the best chance of it being caught early due to the diligence of your dr.

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