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new member - dad has stage 4


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I just found out my dad has stage 4, now not totally sure what type etc because he has yet to go to cancer Dr. but the lung Dr. at the hospital is telling us that sugury is not an option and because of his weak state neither is chemo, The thing they are tell us now is possiable radiation to shrink the turmor to make him more comfortable. I lost my mother 5 years ago to breast cancer and they were able to radiate the tumors she had.. I guess i just hope that someone out there can give me a glimmer of hope that people have recovered to live longer then the 4-8 months they are giving my dad.


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I am sorry that you are here -- but glad you found us. Timeframes are estimates, many, many people on this board have beaten them by months and even years, some have not lived as long as the timeframe given -- you simply can not accept them as gospel -- rather you should ask questions, understand the options -- be an advocate for your dad...and simply love him. The beginning is by far the toughest time -- you feel better as you start laying out treatment (like radiation) plans -- everyone here will give you great info and loving support.


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Hi Kady,

Welcome! I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. You need to get some info, however. Seems there's lots you and Dad need to know in order to line up all your ducks and get moving on a plan. Maybe even a second opinion would be in order. I would strongly suggest it.

I actually got 4 opinions. You talk about timeframes....well...I was told in the Fall of 04 that I would NOT see flowers in the Spring of 05. Guess what? Here I am!!!! I plan to see flowers AGAIN this spring. So there you go!

Please arm yourself with info and get moving.


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Welcome Kadydid: Posssibly the radiation trreatment will help your dad a lot. I think your dad should talk to the cancer doctor (medical oncologist) and let him give an opinion on whether your dad should do chemo or not. You and your dad have my best wishes for an effective treatment.

Don M

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Welcome, Kadykid,

Lots of Stage IV people who are living life long after old "statistics" predicted. Me included. Read around the old posts and you'll find lots of hope and information about new treatments.

It's the roughest and scariest in the first couple of month after diagnosis and then you begin to develop a routine, a better understanding of treatment abd what to expect. We're here to help you through it.

Sending caring thoughts and strength,


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Time frame? They gave my Mom (Stage 4B) only 6 months. Three years later she's still here. Has some problems, but hasn't given up. Please don't accept the time frames as verbateum. No one knows except the higher being above us. Get all the info you can (and second opinions can be great) and take it from there.

So glad you found this sight. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Don't be afraid to reach out. My e-mail is Tricagiggles314@aol.com


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hi kady. wait for the experts, they'll know better what your dad is facing and what he can handle. ultimately, it should be up to him. as for the '4-8 months', not to worry. there are stage 4 survivors here with YEARS under their belt, and counting.

hang in there, and keep us posted.



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