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Is this a small world or what?


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I think some of you know that I have joined an internet dating group and basically all it has added to my life is bigger muscles in my 'delete' finger.

Well this past week, a man and I have been emailing each other. Here is the oooh oooh part.

My dear Earl died 1 1/2 years ago after surviving for 23 months. This gentleman's wife died 1 1/2 years ago after surviving lc for 23 months. Is this a Rod Serling moment or what?

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I think it is pretty neat that you two share that similarity.

If nothing else, you could have a new friend that is traveling the same road at the same time. Heck, who knows.....

I'm sure you've read that poem called "A Reason, A Season, or a Lifetime."

He might just be someone very special sent to you for one of these reasons.

In the meantime, we'll get our sticks ready at the pub.

I'll try to keep Cindi in line. You KNOW how she gets sometimes.


Warm Hugs,


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I like Jackie's description the best, however, we will all join Cindi and poke him with our own sticks - Melinda's right, if nothing else you have a new friend.

Good luck, I'm so happy that you are able to travel this new road.

Now........go check him out!!!


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Ginny....keep an open mind here. Don't even think about looks right now. On the big list...looks are at the bottom. Just think of how absolutely wonderful this man must be to have cared for his wife during her illness. You may be on to sosmething here! All the dates seem to be more than coincidental. This can be the start of a really good friendship between two wonderful people!!!

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That is so cool!! THAT has to be sign or something. PLease continue this story..nothing like making your private life, very public!! I am glad to see you happy and ready to "explore" your new life. It just plain does not seem possible that it has been a yr and half since your wonderful Earl passed. You were one of the very first people on here i spoke with and I will always be thankful you, (along with many others) helped me so much on those first days.


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Here I come, Ginny!

Just so you all know.....I AM close enough to REALLY check this guy out! So, Ginny, when time comes to meet.....even though you have TONS of friends, I think I should be the one to check him for everybody here. So just tell me when - and I am THERE!!!!!

I am so happy you are dipping your little toe into the dating scene. That IS all you are dipping, RIGHT :roll: !

Ann, when I read you said looks are at the bottom, it took me a minute tp realize you meant the bottom of the list of things that mattered. I thought you meant looks were at the "BOTTOM" - get it? I think I must be sick this AM or something.

Anyway, Ginny, we must TALK!!!!!



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Very cool! I agree with Ann that forget about the looks and get to know this man that took care of his wife as you did you're Hubby. I also agree that I just cant fathom it has been a year and 1/2 since you lost you're Earl.

I wouldnt dismiss this person Ginny, keep talking and see if there is a reason to actually meet. I too am glad to see you living and considering a new mate in you're future. You deserve it!!

I promise I wont poke him with sticks, I think there are enough willing pokers here LMAO!!

God Bless You Ginny,


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Okay, Ginny, seems like the whole family here has hatched the plan for you (as if you needed our help!). Cindi is going to open the door and introduce him, Kase is going to check out his butt, and the rest of us are going to hide Frank in the back while we play pick-up-sticks with the new guy. If we don't like him, we'll let Frank out.

Let us know when the time is right!


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