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Nature and Seasons --Something to think about


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One of the things that I love most about where I live is that we have 4 distinct seasons. Sometimes as I watch the seasons change I can't help but think how much they seem to parralell our lives.

Spring is the beginning, new life with all of it's promise. Sometimes it can be quite turbulent but for the most part it is a beauty that can leave our hearts overwhelmed by what nature can do. Just like looking at a small child with all of the wonder of life in their eyes.

Summer is when like us nature has reached it's fullest expectations. Often it is undecisive and can bring either too much rain or too much heat. It seems to last so long that that it seems to tire of everything and just drag on the last few weeks waiting for time to rest. Sometimes it does some strange things just as we humans do.

Fall is the time when Nature has matured everything. She can look forward to rest before too long. She is also storing things to last through winter and for the new beginning that Spring will bring again. We as humans find ourselves slowing down a little just like Fall. Oh there will be times when we want to rattle our world just as nature does with the huricanes but for the most part we feel that rest and security is worth more than adventure.

Winter too can be a time of great beauty. Sometimes even more than Spring because we appreciate all that has gone before more than ever. We may be a little tired but like Nature we know that it has been a pretty good year overall.

The best part of winter is the knowledge that Spring will come again and we will see all of the beauty that Nature can bring forth. We know it will be a time of new birth. When we get older or we lose someone we love we start thinking more and more about the next Spring and wondering what it will bring us. We know that it will begin again and deep in our hearts we know that when our year of life is over it is only because another maybe even more spectacular that the one that is ending is waiting for us.

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