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Can I keep this up?

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I am feeling so tapped out all of a sudden. Dad is to have a CAT scan on Thursday...instead of waiting for two more weeks. He has developed some problems on his left side suddenly. The results will be back Monday. Please pray for him...His onc. said he is okay to go to his Naval reunion the third week in Sept...that has been a big goal for him...so that is exciting...I am back to work though ( I was off for seven weeks and my oldest is getting ready to leave for his freshman year at Cornell. My husband has moved out of the house (my 15 yr. old and I are staying here) and I have filed for divorce. His little tart called me Sunday to let me know she in still in the pix..of course she is all of 27 and he is 46...NUTZZZZ...Like I have time for his stupididty...Of course he has no compassion regarding my other stressors. My Mom had another stroke yesterday and I feel so guilty when I am not at the hospital with her..but there isn't enough of me to go around anymore...I try to help my stepmom as much as I can with Dad...but being back to work has tipped the scale over. My daughter and son are wonderful to help. I know God will only give me what I can handle but I honestly feel like I am not doing a good enough job for anyone. Oh goodness I just read this and I sound so poor me..I am so sorry..I just need to vent...I will get through all of this..it is just a bad day today...thanks for listening...

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Sophia- You deserve a pity party! Geesh! You are going through so much and you are staying so strong. I feel like I'm going to lose it any day with just the stress of being a caregiver to my mom...you have so many additional things going on that I can't believe you have to deal with. Make sure you take some time out for you.

Take Care

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The next time the PIXcalls, tell her not to turn around for she might just bump into the next PIX in line after her.. Those type of fools don't stop with just one on the line....anyway, he is not worth talking about...

One can only do so much as a caregiver, so don't stress for you can't be two places at one time. Just do your best, and that is all anyone can ask for..

Your son is lucky to have one sane parent...hope he enjoys Cornell....you must be very proud of him....

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