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Recovering from Clinical Trial


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Had no idea this was going to be sooooooo hard. Having a super hard time getting this paracalcitrol and gemcitabine out of my system. Doc put me back on Decadron, only 4-8 Mg per day but can't seem to shake the side effects. Wed Doc advised me to get my whiney butt back to Roswell Park for a quick look/see. She was concerned about pneumonia or some sort of restriction in the esophagus causing severe acid reflux, vomiting and general feeling of extrene fatigue, nausea and just butt whipping sick. Xrays looked good, significant improvement in activity and pleural effusion reduction. She cut the Decadron in half and prescribed a stronger acid reflux medication, nexium. Got back last night and things seem to be a little better today. Lost 21 pounds in two weeks, but appear to be gaining a little back slowly but surely. She mentioned striking a balance in the adrenal gland output of hormones as the biggest challenge. New to me, but not surprising.

Guess it's time to get out of the pity mode and get my butt over to the Pub for a libation. Good nights sleep might help a little too. Soooo, onward and upward for this old codger. Hang in there all you guys. We gonna put a whuppin on this bugger yet. Git R Done.

God Bless ya , one and all.


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Sorry you have been feeling so crappy, Charlie. Sure hope you get all evened out and soon. That trial was sure something!!! Hard to imagine how anything like that could actually HELP anybody, huh?

I've been waiting here in the Pub for ya. I will even spring for something a little better than rotgut. Sounds like your poor tummy couldn't take that right now.

Been thinking of ya, Charlie.



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As good as it is to hear from you... so sad to hear you have been feeling so cruddy there all by yourself.. have you been curled up in a ball?

Dangit man. Can't say I haven't been thinkin' about you though. Plenty!

C'mon over to the pub, hun, all of us'll take good care of you. Got a nice light, soft, patchwork quilt to wrap you in. You can hang out on the couch! How 'bout it?


Cindi o'h

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Hang in there, Charlie. I know those words don't sound like much, but they're all I have to offer right now. Except that when I have severe acid reflux it sometimes helps a little if I sleep sitting upright in a recliner, or propped up with additional pillows. Eating small amounts instead of "filling up" can also help things. Just wishing you didn't have to go through all of this.

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