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Here it comes again


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The first time I posted here I asked about concerns re tests and whether the feeling of doom ever went away.

On Tuesday I go for CT, blood, Xrays and see my onc, and the cloud is forming over my head again.

Silly really, I have been clean for almost 4 years, I only have these appts because of my surgery in September (I just had started on the one year plan) and I'm starting to get that same old feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I'm fortunate, in that my appts are 30 minutes apart and by the time I see the onc he has all my test results, no waiting!

I'm not having a pity party about this, just an observation - more I guess for the folks who are new to our boards - even this far out there's a little bugger at the back of my head wondering........

I'm sure I'll be back Tuesday with good news and in the meantime I'll just try to forget my cold and my appointment!

Have a good weekend everyone,


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I have my tests on Tuesday too. I will be thinking of YOU while I'm in the MRI machine for my brain - that is if I haven't drugged myself out. Have to take a LOT to get into that machine :roll: .

I will know on Wednesday how everything turned out. So we will be back here together next week with GREAT results, RIGHT?

Doesn't it make it better knowing there's someone else doing it too? Helps me!



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Good luck with the tests. Crossing stuff that things will turn out well for you. Chances are, they will. I know your boogiemen... they make their rounds here and they have visited me a time or ten.

You too, Kasey. If you mix Baileys and whatever else it is that helps you to look at the MRI, then you can slip into the machine a whole lot easier. Not really recommending this. Just saying.

love you both.. do well.

Cindi o'h

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Well Kasey, twins on the tests huh?

Thankfully I don't have to have the MRI this time.........it takes everything I have to stay in that blasted tube.

I keep telling myself that I can always push the button, just a few minutes more and I'll push the button, okay just a few minutes more, and on and on - quite wears me out talking to myself all that time!!!!

Just the thought of an MRI gives me the heebie jeebies but I make it through every time, I guess the thought of something being there and not finding it makes me NOT push the button.

Good luck, I'll be thinking of you.


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