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Treatment Information I want to share!

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did you guys see the post in "just for Laughs" from Eppie? The one about the carp!

Now that was a HUGE carp!

Stinky too.

Might be able to say it "smelled fishy"..

Smelled fishy...hahaha.

Ginny is usually pretty good about catching these and tossing them back. Where are you, Ginny?

Ohhh Ginny.....

Cindi o'h

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Thanks for taking the time to read this, I personally am not aware of anyone who takes this, however you should be able to buy this at your local health food store. Since i found that link, I also found another couple of sites that cancer victims have created to tell their story of alternative treatment! They are as follows...



THIS IS HARDLY SPAM! ITS A CHANCE FOR YOU TO SAVE YOU OWN LIFE! These foods are among the healthiest foods on earth and I hope everyone that reads this takes the time to either try it or share it with others....its only a matter of changing your diet! The 1st story I sent was one of a doctor in MD that actually was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer himself! He refused any surgery or radiation and he took the supplements that he requeted his own patients take and CURED himslef in a matter of 6 months!

Its sad, Americans are so used to DRUGS being their life savers that we dont think that the actuall nutrients found in nature will do for us what they were designed to do...SUSTAIN AND PROMOTE HEALTH!!!!

Try before you be a nay-sayer...you only have your life to gain an if you dont try it, its you very life you have to LOSE!

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The site I cited is testimoney before the Senate Committee on Aging from September 10, 2001, testimony of J. Joseph Curran, Jr., Attorney General for the State of Maryland.

The page I referred to states:

Existing scientific research establishes that cesium chloride causes cardiac arrhythmia in animals. Although no well controlled studies have been performed establishing the same risk in humans, T-Up, Inc.'s employees acknowledged receiving reports of customers who experienced arrhythmia while using T-Up, Inc.'s products. The wife of one consumer who testified at the hearing described her husband having repeated episodes of irregular heart beat while using cesium. His cardiologist, who treated him during one such bout, confirmed the consumer experienced cardiac arrhythmia caused by his use of cesium chloride supplied by T-Up, Inc. Despite the fact that its cesium products could potentially cause this very dangerous side-effect, T-Up, Inc. sold its cesium chloride product to consumers without the supervision of any physician.

Equally alarming were the side-effects reported by consumers who underwent T-Up, Inc.'s intravenous therapies or who witnessed the side-effects experienced by their loved ones during the treatments. Among the side-effects reported by consumers were significant weight loss (as much as 50 pounds during a two week treatment) accompanied by loss of appetite, diarrhea, and swelling so severe that it caused patients' skin to crack open.

In addition to misrepresenting the safety and efficacy of its products, T-Up, Inc., also misrepresented the nature and ingredients of its products. T-Up, Inc. marketed its aloe product by claiming it was specially filtered and cold processed in order to prevent contamination and to preserve its active ingredient. However, T-Up's manufacturer confirmed that T-Up aloe was not specially filtered and was actually heat treated. Testing of the product by the FDA revealed a wide variety of contaminants in the aloe products.

I would suggest anyone seeking information on alternative therapy to work through a group that is not presented on infomercials as a cure-all for every horrible disease imaginable (c'mon, a drug that CURES AIDS AND CANCER??). There is nothing wrong with seeking other avenues, just beware and don't give people with no scruples your hard-earned money by the truckloads and harming yourself. From what I have read on what you posted, the T-Up, Inc. products will cause HARM to the body, NOT help to rid the body of disease - unless, of course, the thought is that death cures cancer!

Read the fine print, do research, don't buy snake oil. I'm sure there are natural cures for many things, but unless one is a shaman, one should have someone they trust refer them to an alternative healer.

People, please take care of yourselves. If it sounds too good to be true, start looking for the man behind the curtain and the smoke and mirrors. It's just good common sense.

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Thanks for that folow up, I totally agree with you that it is important to do youu research when considering alternative treatment, its always important to know what you are putting in your body! However I'd like to add that the famous chemo-therapy has way more horrible side effects than the products you referred to! My boyfreinds aunt just passed from cancer (which is the main reason i am now trying to provide information to people to help themselves) and after visiting her, he would come home and tell me how bad she looked and what the chemo-therapy has done to her!

People lose body parts, during chemo along with the ability to fight off disease and much more! My heart goes out to them and all I want to do is give people hope that there are other ways out there to heal themselves! In the end, people will do what they feel is best for them , but I hope that even if you decide not to use "t-up's" brand, you will take the time to really give yourself the option of LIFE, not just SURVIVAL!

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