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Guest DaveG

The Alliance for Lung cancer has an ongoing fund raising program for their activities. I have found that within each of our locales, there are needed funds for LC research. An example of this: I am organizing a golf outing, as some know. This golf outing will raise money for Lung Cancer Research at the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center, under the specific direction of Dr. Joan Schiller.

My suggestion would be for individuals to contact the Public Affairs director at the individual cancer centers throughout the United States and Cancada, specifically about their own needs for lung cancer research.

There are many ways to raise funds. The first weekend in April, I will be participating in a Curling Event, that's a sport on ice, which has much historical significance, but yet is not well known. This event will raise money for the UW Cancer Center for the same purpose as the golf outing. For me, this will be a challenge, as I have never participated in Curling before, and I am on a team. This should be a HOOT :lol::lol::lol::lol: Myself and one of the other members of the LC Support Group at the UW Cancer Center are appearing in this event as LC Survivors to show the public that one can lead a fairly normal life, after Lung Cancer, and that LC is not a debilitating disease as many believe it to be.

For the golf outing, July 18, we have decided to put together a team of LC survivors. We may not win the outing, but our victory will be in our participation.

In reference to other events, how about sofball tourneys, run for the lungs (which ALCASE could get involved in), walks for LC, dances for LC, and on and on. I am finding the key is in supporting local beneficiaries within each of our locales.

The reason for this suggestion is, people recognize institutions within their local area quicker than they do a national event, or organization. Many people want to support action locally. If one was to talk to anyone, you would find that after talking with 2 or 3 individuals, you will find someone who knows someone else with LC. When talking to them, you will also find them mention that they are going to such and such institution for treatment or follow-up care. (On the other side, you will certainly find someone who knows of someone who had died of lung cancer)

I hope this gives others ideas about fund raising events. I would be more than happy to correspond with anyone about the golf outing I am organizing.

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