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Treatment with tetrathiomolybdate


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July 28, 2003

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Treatment with tetrathiomolybdate, a copper chelating agent, can inhibit the growth of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) in mice, according to a report published in the July issue of the Archives of Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery.

Tetrathiomolybdate was initially developed as a treatment for the excessive copper accumulation characteristic of Wilson's disease. Around the same time, researchers also discovered that copper is an important cofactor for angiogenesis. Based on this, the drug has recently been tested as an anticancer agent in various animal models.

Previously, Dr. Theodoros N. Teknos, from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and colleagues showed that tetrathiomolybdate could inhibit angiogenesis and decrease tumor growth when given to animals with head and neck SCC.

In the new study, Dr. Teknos' team wanted to see if long-term therapy with the drug, initiated before tumor implantation, could suppress tumor growth.

Seven test mice were fed tetrathiomolybdate-containing drinking water for 20 days, while six controls received regular water. On day 21, all of the animals were injected with SCC cells. The mice continued to receive their assigned treatment for 70 days.

By day 35, all of the control animals, but only five of the test mice, had measurable tumor growth. From day 40 through 54, the mean tumor volume was significantly lower in the test group than in controls. In fact, at day 54, the average volume in the test group was just 65 microliters, much lower than the mean volume in controls -- 1716 microliters (p < 0.001).

To further verify that the effects seen were due to tetrathiomolybdate, the researchers withheld the drug on day 54. This led to a marked rise in tumor growth, resulting in no significant differences in tumor volume between the groups by day 60.

"Based on the findings of this study, a number of future investigations are being undertaken to identify the optimal use of this promising compound," the authors note. The drug might be useful in preventing microscopic recurrences or as a sensitizing agent for cytotoxic therapies.

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Cary, sorry, may I ask you some questions?

1) When did your dad start the TM?

in May? (bcoz you said the tumor has slight growth)

2) As of July, he was stable, do you mean tumor was no growth since starting the TM?

3) Do you mean TM helps ?

Thank you very much......

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This might be a bit confusing. Let me know if you have questions about my responses or want additional info. :D

1) When did your dad start the TM?

in May? (bcoz you said the tumor has slight growth)

My dad started TM on February 8th, It takes roughly 3 months to deplete your tumors of copper. So we were kinda expecting some growth in May. He showed tumor growth in May even with chemo, so the chemo was stopped(May 13). (Not to confuse anyone my dad started chemo in December and had scans every two months he had 60% shrinkage on January 21 and then 20% additional shrinkage on march 17. BUT he had slight growth on the May scans). His Onc was totally amazed about the July 21 scans, he had stabilized with no treatment besides TM. According to him and the other 2 Oncs we have seen, this is not normal behavior for advanced Recurrent lung cancer. Supposedly once the tumors begin to regrow they usually never stop or stabilize unless you begin a new round of chemo or radiation. He also started Iressa on July 18th 3 days before his scans but his Onc thinks it is near impossible for the Iressa to work that fast and shrink the tumors to the exact size as the May scans. My dads largest tumor now is 5mm with multiple 1-2mm tumors in both lungs. My dad had a brain ct in December showed no tumors(later I read that only MRI should be used for brain since ct usually misses tumors smaller than 2cm.) He had a seizure in the beginning of July and and did another ct scan that showed nothing, they then proceeded to do an MRI and they found 20 tumors in his brain largest 2cm most were 1-2mm. The thinking on that is they have been there the whole time since he was showing symptoms but docs thought his memory problems were chemo related at the time. He just completed whole brain radiation with no problems and has actually recovered all of his memory and balance and muscle control, and is completely normal, the only side effect he had was an allergic reaction to his seizure medicine when combined with the radiation. TM is non-toxic and when combined with either chemo or radiation the results can be astounding from what i have read.

2) As of July, he was stable, do you mean tumor was no growth since starting the TM?

No, it takes roughly three months once treatment is started to begin seeing results(stabilization) and it can sometimes take a year or so to start seeing shrinkage. Also in some people one of the tumors may begin to grow(mutate) after time through different growth factors but can be easily treated with chemo or radiation or just adding something like Iressa or Celebrex depending on the growth factor that is causing the problem. TM may not get rid of everyones cancer completely but you can manage it like a chronic illness like diabetes or heart disease.

3) Do you mean TM helps

I would say yes, Its blocking at least four major growth factors and many lesser ones (Iressa is blocking only one), But I am not a doctor and these are just my opinions and/or experiences. I think I have posted these sites before but will repost them anyways. TM is in Phase III trails for cancer and expected to be FDA approved by 2005. It can be obtained now through its Orphan drug status, meaning any doctor who is willing can prescribe it.

(the rest is just cut and pasted from my old post)


http://clincancerres.aacrjournals.org/c ... full/6/1/1


You can also contact the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer center at 1-800-865-1125 Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.ET to have them help locate a physician near you who is willing to prescribe Tetrathiomolybdate the drug is also known as TM you can also contact the owner of www.cancerprotocol.com and he should have a list of docs that are prescribing it.


(anyone can email me directly if you wish Bostton1@comcast.net)

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Hi Cary

Many thanks for your detailed sharing. My dad in fact, is going to have his last round chemo this week, he is sclc patient, our private oncologist (second opinion onc.) suggested us to start taking TM after all treatments completed, then, from your experience, should i bring dad to see the private oncologist now? Because as what you said, it takes around 3 months to deplete the copper level.

Remark : I live in Hong Kong.

Thanks again for your help and I would like to see you keep on posting the progress for us....

Million thanks.

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Sorry to tell you that my Dad has given up to take TM as he thinks that it makes him shortness of breath and he doesn't want to be a "mice" to test this TM unless he is in the final stage with no hope. Sorry that I cannot contribute any on this and maybe Cary could help you.

Actually, if you could share any first hand experience to me would be perfect if finally your mom takes this TM.

Thank you and keep us posted and updated. :)

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Hi Kimmy,

To answer you question my father currently has No evidence of disease,

This is by an MRI and pet scan. Listen to your doctor, I believe he is correct in saying that it "is working well in lung cancer patients". All the research on lung cancer growth factors points in this direction. It is also a good chemo preventive, and there is another article I posted under "new research and treatment options" indicating additional uses in lung fibrosis from radiation. I forgot to mention that we are currently using this protocol in conjunction with Iressa and Celebrex.


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