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when to stop chmo??


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I has my 3rd CT since starting chemo - the first 2 showed about a 20% shrinkage and the 3rd showed 9% shrinkage. The doctor has suggested two more cycles (6 weeks) before stopping.

My question: if there is still shrinkage, why should chemo be discontinued. I have had a few problems with blood counts during the treatment - my 6 weeks twice have taken 8 weeks because I had counts too low to take chemo. Liver and kidney labs all look fine and no new mets discovered.

Can those of you who have stopped chemo for a time (I understand they'll just watch for a while)tell me why the decision was made? Should I fight this - my tunor is still large - it started 8cm x 6cm and its been reduced by about 1/2.



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As I read your note, the doc did not decide on two more cycles -- he suggested it. Many times, the doc will give a preview of what he/she is planning. Future scans, pains, etc can change that. It is not unusual to have 5 cycles and stop for a while. The doc will make recommendations based on the data at hand at each time, including input from you. Don

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I've never been on your chemo regimine, but here is what I was told. The standard amount of chemo is 6 treatments. (My treatments were once every 3 weeks) unless side effects are too great, then they will stop. He also says that they "shoot" for 6, but the maximum benefit is usually reached after the 4th treatment.

So, since you are tolerating it ok, except for blood counts I'd go for at least one more treatment, then if you just can't handle it talk to your doctor about a break.

It's important to stay "one step ahead"!


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Mary--That's great about the shrinkage! I have taken shot breaks and also went without any breaks. I felt as long as I can tolerate it with few/slight side effects, still have a life I would be more aggressive and it has paid off for me. I have BAC which is slow in developing so have more leeway. Everyone is different, depends on the individual. Might want to ask the doctor the impact of stopping/continuing etc. I myself believe in being pro-active, aggressive as one can be and a open minded patient/doctor relationship. One thing I've learned it's not a one glove fits all unfortunately. Hope this helps. Rich

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