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phase III trial - brain mets


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I've worked with the company that invented this drug (Pharmacyclics) on other technologies and on one clinical trial, and I've been watching this drug's progress. Looks like a good thing; it sensitizes the tumor to radiation, permitting more complete treatment without higher rad doses. A couple of people here have mentioned not being candidates for Gamma knife; this might be a good alternative for them.

Here's more info: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/030605/sfth041_1.html

"...data from the trial [showed] selective localization of drug to brain tumors visualized using MRI and delay in time to neurologic and neurocognitive progression in lung cancer patients receiving Xcytrin."

And "The SMART (Study of Neurologic Progression with Motexafin Gadolinium And Radiation Therapy) trial, is designed to enroll 550 patients at over 100 leading medical centers in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia."

(Disclosure: I have no financial interest in Pharmacyclics.)

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Teresa, what about if the whole brain radiation was already done? I understand WBR can only be done once. Can anyone help me on this? My mom had WBR and now they think that either there is scarred tissue in the brain, radiation defect or cancer is growing back (I will find out today) and I'm trying to be proactive. The doctor said that the tumor is too big for Gamma Knife. I hope so much for this to be scarred tissue or a radiation defect otherwise I don't know what else can be done as my moms doctor seems to think after that there is nothing she can do. :cry:

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